Thrunite AAA keychain light

New light from thrunite coming out soon ...a 2 mode twisty like the nitecote ez AA.. .04Lm. moon mode and 60~80 Lm.on high .

supposedly there are two versions of it coming out ..(whatever that means)stainless?,titanium?cool and neutral???

price ..16$..??guess we'll see soon enough

here's the link to the thread :

Beautiful, and just in time. Lets see if my money will go towards this or the Olight i3. The Low seems very low haha. I hope the high is towards the 80lumen range though! Can't wait till more specs come in, specifically current.

It sounds like they are in the testing process, I can’t wait until production. I’m gonna have to grab me a couple , hopefully one in neutral.

Thrunite has some quality control issues in a lot of their lights it seems. I'm majorly skeptical after my experience with the Neutron and I've seen lots of people having trouble with some of their other lights. Some people get lights with no problems, while others have some troubles. Hopefully, they will eventually sort it all out but I am going to maintain a wait and see attitude with them for now.

I like it. I’m on a serious ultra low output kick lately. .04L sounds great.

I like an ultra low, low too. I have a Quark with a "Moonlight" mode that is 0.2 lumens and rock steady - no PWM at all.

It's a competent enough light, I guess.


Looks like this light is available now from CPF marketplace for the specified $16.

I got one... It's a great little light, mode spacing is more useful than expected. Tint is quite good, just slightly warmer than the tint on my EZ AA. I think I read something about how production versions will be potted though, might want to wait for that? Potted + in SS would be pretty much my perfect keychain light.

What does potted mean...? :D SS would be mighty nice though, as well as some different colours as well. I already have an Olight i3 on the way but I'm looking for a small keychain light for myself as well as one/two gift lights for family.

Can it use 10440?

Potted is when the airspace in between the driver and the emitter is packed full of thermal adhesive like Fujik. I do this on the drop ins I make and it definitely helps the pill dissipate heat and take shocks better.

Thank you for the explanation! :)

It's a nice light and it's the kind of light I like so I'd like to possibly get one. I like a nice low as well but .04 lumen? Four hundredths of one lumen? Can you even see with that in most situations (even when it's pretty dark)?

I have .2 as a low with my Zebralights and it's useful when it's already pretty dark out otherwise you don't know it's on but I can't imagine .04 being that useful. It seems like a waste of a setting.