Thrunite giveaway on Youtube

So this forum has been incredibly helpful as I’ve started the process of learning more about flashlights so I wanted to share
the Thrunite flashlight giveaway contest that I’m having on my youtube channel with you guys.

Entry is very simple, you just have to leave a comment on the youtube video with some information and you are entered.
Contest ends 12/14/15 at 9:00 EST.

Good luck, and I’m glad to be able to share this contest with you guys.

9 posts giveaway? You are a generous guy

Edit: i actually fell for that, lol

Does Thrunite compensate you for making these posts, or are you giving away a light you bought yourself?
Just curious, there’s nothing wrong with being compensated to do this kind of advertising.
If it’s your personal generosity, I’d like to thank you for that.

Thrunite is supplying the light directly to the winner. I don’t make a dime off the contest.

My YouTube channel generates revenue from advertising. But I turned the ads off for the contest video.

Nicely done.

This GAW requires opening an account on “social” media, so I’m NOT in.

Yeah google said they were turning off Google+ requirement for youtube yet they still haven’t.

Thanks for the giveaway. I know some here will be glad to have a chance at a free ThruNite.

I will be passing on this one because it requires creating an account on a social media web site.

If you do future giveaway directly on BLF, I'll be all over it.

Being that I already have a Google+ and YouTube account, sure!

Thank you for the GAW!

Thanks for the GAW - I’m in too!

Im in too i subscribed to your channel. Looks like some good stuff. Thanks for the giveaway.

me too

No thanks youtube Google guy.

Im In and thanks for the GW

click use other name and treat it as a username, or use a fake name.

I'm in.

Thank you Very Much for the giveaway.

Best Regards,


I'm in - hope it is not closed. I'm not sure which time zone EST is.

This is not as effective as you might think. Google has much more sophisticated ways of tracking you. The general public will not get your true identity, but Google might.

Here is a tip: Do not get free email from the same web site where you do searches.

Another tip: I use for searching. It is a Google proxy that does not track you.

A name isn’t the problem, not signing up for the you tube account or Facebook in the first place is the issue, it is the requirement to open an account that is the problem with these off site campaigns.

Nice review!
I’m in, I left comment as “LumenZilla”.