ThruNite is running a contest to win one of their new models

Over at the ThruNite forums they are running a contest. If you have ever done a review of one of their products (either video, photos, or article) you are qualified to enter. Just go to the thread and post a link to your review. You have until the 19th of this month (1 week) to enter. 5 winners will be chosen to review their new model, the ThruNite Lynx or the improved TN30.

You will need to sign up as a member at their forum in order to enter. Full details for the contest here:

Thanks JM! All I have is the TiS, but that meets the qualifications I think. I guess I will review it for the chance at this. :beer:

Same here. All I have is a stock Ti, a stock T10, a modded T10, and a Saber 1A. None of them reviewed. I guess I need to get busy (like I need more deadlines!). LOL

No Thrunite lights here......

Had a Ti, but gave that to my sister...(it was purple anyways)

Time to do a review!
Thanks JMac for finding this :slight_smile:

Hey…purple is the color of royalty :crown:

Good luck to all you reviewers! Hope some of you get something nice for your effort :beer:

saved for preservation of the dino's

Love ya work. :smiley:

Entered, thanks. I did a review of the Ti about a year ago. I still take the original Ti Firefly with me on road trips and camping. I took too long to review the T10 and it’s changed names since.

I wonder if it’s a random picking or the top five reviewers…

Thank you for your information JonnyMac. I am also want to know how they will choose the reviewers? If it is random, how will we know that they are random reviewers?

Just be sure to post a glowing review!! :bigsmile:

I thought the Lynx was an upgraded Scorpian

I’m pretty sure it is.

That’s an awesome prize, I may need to learn how to get my YouTube on :wink:

If they send me one of their flashlights I will reviewe it and ente this competition to review a light for them :smiley: but they better hurry, they don’t have much time :bigsmile: