ThruNite MCC-4 Charger

So I won ? :smiley:

Why are you interested in whether I work for Thrunite?

It’s okay if you do work for Thrunite, but it’s better if you say otherwise you might be considered a shill or spammer. :open_mouth:

Because honesty is THE best policy :slight_smile:
I doubt you would like to peruse reviews that you think are impartial, yet actually are secretly influenced by a bias you’re not aware of.
Hope this helps you understand the significance of the question.

And if you do, can you arrange a BLF special price Group Buy ? :wink:
As we’re curious folks here and have not had experience with this charger, so some are eager to review it and more eager to read those reviews :wink:

I found a review of the charger HERE

I was considering buying it for my brother but I don’t know what to make of the results, I went to conclusion at the bottom but its blank.

Your link doesn’t work…

This url works:

- charges NiMH at 1A!

- gets hot like i4.

Thanks, Chloe!

I updated it, I think the forum formatting broke the link.

The review (without the conclusion so far) doesn’t sound terrible, but it seems to do better charging at the lower current than at 1 amp. Also, the design, with using the 2 springs to detect the “smaller” type batteries seems somewhat inconsistent. The display only shows battery voltage and charging status - it’d be nice (and more useful) if it showed number of mAh it’d pushed into a battery.

I’d like to see reviews of the XP4…

That is a preview of my review, looks like ThruNite leaked it (Or somebody was very good at guessing). I still need to read it through and might adjust some wording and, of course, add a conclusion.

Expect the final review sometime in the coming week.

Is what I was planning to say, that it’s your site and you recently purchased one, so the review is by one of our own and knows reasonably what we seek, so should be an interesting review :slight_smile:

When you’ve completed the write up, can you post a link here, so we’re all updated ?

No worries. Be patient. HKJ ALWAYS posts links to his awesome reviews. :wink:

The link is already posted (It has not changed from the one Chloe posted), but you can also find it on BLF, where you can ask question or post comments.

This charger’s screen is a win for me. I like its blue color tinge.

Perfect, linking the two threads together combines information :slight_smile:

I like this charger, I just have to wait that get down the price a little… :smiley: