Thrunite posting fake reviews (now removed)

Sad to see this happen. I looked up the BLF edition Saber 1A page and was surprised it had 29 reviews already. And almost all of them were just a couple of sentences. And kind of generic sounding. I did a search on one phrase "this tiny flashlight was the one that shined best" and found that it came from a 2009 review of the Fenix E01 on Amazon.

UPDATE: Thrunite-store has removed the fake reviews for the Saber at the link above. Hopefully they are working on purging the fake reviews on some of the other lights on their store.

The first review as well. :frowning:

The third and fourth review are also copied:

The name of the game is Astroturfing, fyi…

Thanks! This is pretty disturbing (from Wikipedia…).

The whole damn world seems to run on lies nowadays. |(

As unfortunate this is to find out, I have always been surprised fake reviewing isn’t a far larger problem on the internet considering the ease to do it.


Whoa I didn’t expect that from Thrunite! not good and really not worth it

Just playing devil’s advocate here, but could a competitor purposely use a “fake” fake review made to be easily detectable to discredit the target? It seems the right thing to do would be to delete any suspected posts, but then there will be cries of censorship. Seems like a no win situation.


Don’t believe the internet,and we also don’t take the things too seriously, I just care the quality of the product,

It’s quite possible… good to see they have removed them now.

Unfortunately this doesn’t surprise me. Thrunite has been banned from BLF for quite a few months now because of their desperate and unscrupulous behavior on BLF. They shed many crocodile tears when they were banned and promised to change their ways, but now this is just another manifestation of Thrunite’s corporate culture of lying.

That being said, there are several dealers and manufacturers out there, including some from from China, that are honest and competitive. So the best way to reward the good ones and punish the bad guys is with your dollar.

The owner of ThruNite didn’t know about this and when he found out he had them deleted, he told his staff to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

How do you know that, ezarc?

I was talking to him on Skype.

It was a staff member.

That’s why you should read BLF reviews :wink:

@CalvinIS, there is a nice little button called Mark As Spam for these occasions. I have already used it and I would suggest you do to. ;)

Thanks Calvin for the prompt elucidation of what is suggested above. Google searches can be informative, but must be treated carefully because it is often misleading because of the information that is lacking. And if information is available publicly that does not mean that it is meant to be spread freely without consideration.

That’s not what the spam button is for. However, it should have been reported and I am glad the post was removed.

I have updated the original post and its title to reflect that Thrunite-store has removed the fake reviews for the BLF Saber, but their site still seems to have fake reviews on other lights.