Thrunite Ratel

The Thrunite Ratel is a new weapon light in the market focused on simplicity. The Ratel features the SFT-40 emitter in cool white, which is rated for 1600 lumens. The beam profile is a medium broad hotspot with usable spill thanks to the flat LED and deep smooth reflector. Included in the package is a 3,400 mah 18650 battery, USB-C cable, remote pressure pad, and user manual. The Ratel features onboard charging via USB-C. The charging port is easily accessible while attached to the weapon.

The Ratel has a spring at the head and a spring in the tail of the light. This is an upgrade to the previous TW20 which only had a spring at the head and solid contact in the tail. The remote pressure pad is large and easy to press. The pressure pad is screwed onto the tail of the light. Unlike other manufacturers, one down side of this weapon light is the light is inoperable as a stand alone flashlight if the pressure pad is removed. The Ratel is mostly smooth but does have some angular pattern around the head of the light. It’s quite simple but still a nice looking light and is essentially a weapon dedicated TN12 Pro. As expected with Thrunite, the anodization is great with no rough or missing spots. As this cannot be used as a stand alone flashlight, no pocket clip or other retention method is included.

The mounting system uses a similar mounting method compared to previous Thrunite models. A thud stud is used to screw and unscrew the light onto the picatinny rail of a firearm. It is a simple and secure method of mounting. There is an indicator light found on the head. Its blue when the battery is charged and red when low.

The UI is very simple as it’s designed to be a weapon mounted light. The pressure pad can be used for constant on or momentary on. A quick press turns the light onto its single mode. A press and hold allows for momentary use of the single mode. The single mode is rated for 1635 lumens for 140 seconds which will then step down to 537 lumens with a runtime of 120 minutes. As expected the light does get slightly warm at 1600 lumens but as it’s designed for weapon mounting, the warmth isn’t too much of an issue.

The Thrunite Ratel is a simple and powerful new weapon light.

Things I like:

  • Tight useable hotspot
  • Easy to use pressure pad
  • On board charging

Things I don’t like:

  • The light cannot be used without the pressure pad
  • Only one mode (One additional lower mode would be appreciated)