Thrunite T1 – measurements and thoughts

Hello my dear friends!

Today i present you the Thrunite T1 – a 18350 powered EDC with magnetic tail and USB charging!
watch the video to find out my pros and cons – and tell me yours!

I have this light and I love it, it’s been carried daily as my EDC since I bought it


The brightness and heating graphs are great! I love this part of the review! :laughing:
But why they do not offer the 18650 tube I do not understand. :person_facepalming:

I have this one as well. Great package.

They now have a desert tan one…….

Any review for people who can read Martin?
I prefer to read review 1-2 minutes instead of wasting 21.

Lock has done a good job here>

Thank you freeme.

Thanks Freeme.

Wowtac A6 legos.

I enjoyed your video M4D M4X. You have a lot of nice flashlights! :open_mouth:

Ordered one in NW from Thrunite’s site. Looking forward to it. I have always had good luck with their lights.

Thanks for the review M4X.

Lots of lights have the problem that one cannot go up from moon to the next brighter mode. Jet-II pro is one, Folomov C2 is another. That’s why I still take the S1R with me when I have to travel and must take a room or so. The UI is hard to beat. Oh, the Jetbeam RRT01 does better of course, but it’s also bigger.

Impressive runtime and output stabilization for its size.

Very well made light, great runtime/output, extremely easy to carry. This could potentially be a Hall of Fame EDC light. However, the tint is maybe the worst I have ever seen at least on the neutral white.

Yes, even varying degrees of minus-green couldn’t really get it quite right for me…mostly because of the beam pattern and structure. Otherwise, I really like it outside of that.

Has anyone here done an emitter swap for the T1? By the looks of the driver it doesn’t seem to be a boost driver so I assume it uses a 3V XHP50.2, but maybe I’m wrong because the output graph does look like a boost driver behavior. I would hate the tint shift on the NW version and the green of the CW in lower modes. I have a unknown bin but very nice rosy tint XM-L2 emitter waiting to be used.

I think this is 6V emitter and driver must be boost.

Martin can you confirm?

emiter runs at 12V

I did a XHP35 HI swap on mine but it lost a bunch of lumens so I got back to XHP50.2

correct - its a 12V emitter