ThruNite T10 3-mode, $19.95

Cheaper than ebay @ Thrunite’s Clearance store.

The clearance has been going on for some time… FYI

I really like the way this one looks, wish it had FTT

I love mine - they give you a hint: 14500 batteries are not recommended, because they heat up quickly - to us that means use a 14500, you crazy BLF'ers! Mine does 357 lumens @30 secs with a DLG 14500 - outstanding, perfect mode switching, really low low. Didn't swap in a XP-G2 on copper yet, but that will come. I think the driver is ok as is.

I’ve had one of these for several months and I really like it. The .09 firefly mode is very nice for those night time trips to stop your teeth from floating.

yep saw the Thrunite clearance

I was actually looking at this

looking for something with a clip in 1aa