Thrunite T10 XP-L version: tear-down and mod

I got this light as an EDC option that is thinner than my Convoy S2+. I haven’t seen information on modding this newer version of the light so I thought I would post my experience with it. As far as I can tell the front portion of this light is similar to the last XP-G2 version, but the tailcap portion and belt clip are different. See here for a review of this light.

Unfortunately both the bezel and tailcap threads are glued. Fortunately I was able to un-stick them with a bit of heat (~50C just by holding a lighter under it) and rubber inner tubes and pliers. At the tailcap, the body presses down directly on the switch PCB, with no separate retaining ring. At the front end, the shelf is integrated into the head. The stock MCPCB is 10mm, and I don’t know whether it is DTP or not. It is about 1.0mm thick.

Now for the mod. I am happy with the beam size of my S2+ with XPL HI and narrow TIR, so I aimed for a similar beam size with this light. I chose a dedomed XPG2 S4 2B. For the driver I used a 15mm FET-only driver from mtnelectronics. Ideally I wanted AA compatibility, but I guess I wanted maximum output even more. I used the windyfire 14500 cell from mtnelectronics which is about the best high-drain 14500 cell around.

Here is a picture of all the parts, plus the TIR I ended up using.

Stock driver.

Tailcap parts. I added the spring bypass.

Profile view of the TIR and stock reflector.

I wanted to see if I could find a TIR because I tend to prefer the beam a TIR offers. I ordered some TIRs from kaidomain and ended up using this one: I used a 10mm tpad MCPCB from mtnelectronics. I used an convoy L2 centering ring, available from mtnelectronics, to center and space the TIR. I had to do some creative trimming on the centering ring because there is really not a lot of room between the solder pads on the MCPCB.

With the dedomed XPG2 in stock reflector, I measured 11.7Kcd. With the TIR I measured 13.5Kcd and about 850 lumens. It pulls about 3.5A on the fresh windyfire cell, measured with a 10 mOhm shunt resistor bypass at the tail. Below is a comparison of the beams with stock reflector and TIR, both with dedomed XPG2. It is a good representation of how the TIR gives a bigger hotspot. The lux at the beam centers are similar, but the TIR beam is significantly bigger. The TIR beam is just a bit bigger than the beam of my S2+ with TIR, so I’m pretty happy with the result. I just flashed Toykeeper’s new clicky ramping FW, Crescendo.

Finally a picture of the complete light and my S2+.

Is that tir really glass? How do you like the beam pattern?

No, it is not glass.
It is a typical TIR beam; large even spot with narrow spill. There are some asymmetric artifacts probably related to imperfect alignment. I like the beam because it puts a lot of bright light in the spot.

Imagine how much a glass TIR would cost…

Been waiting to see this! Glad it worked out…

Nice. I’m searching for tir lenses less than 20mm so this is awesome.

Cool, the one above is the “two-zone” type, where the center part is like a convex lens.

I also ordered this one. It is the type where the center part is just a flat window to the LED; the picture they have on the page is not accurate:

It seems high quality, but the focus distance (with the dedomed XPG2) seemed sort of high, like you would need a thick spacer. It seemed to me this would hurt the light collection efficiency some. FYI.

Thank you for posting a picture of the stock driver — I have a T20T that stopped working, turned out the positive lead to the LED had simply detached from the driver. The layout looks the same as the T10, so knowing where to solder it back on was a big help.

Naturally, since I had it open anyway, I couldn’t simply fix it, I had to make some changes. So now instead of an XP-G2 it has a 219B, as well as a floody TIR :