Thrunite TC20 - XHP70 - 3800lm

Sounds like what you’re describing is the hotspot “washing out” the subject. You need a triple, quad, or multi-emitter in a TIR optic, (pure flood - no concentrated hotspot) Astrolux MF01 219C maybe?

I recently got one of these with Nichia 219C 5700K (tint is pure white) 720lm so no where near as bright as this TC20, but it’s no slouch either, and great for reading those paint cans :stuck_out_tongue: JAXMAN-E2L-3LED-TIR-LENS-flashlight-18650

I saved your post for later reference. I’ve learned something. For my use more LEDs is best. Astrolux is to big. I certainly want to stay below 60mm. 40-50mm is what I think is ideal for my type of use. Do certain types of lenses reduce/remove the hotspot?

The Gen III is not out yet, but judging by the only picture I have seen, it will have a smooth reflector. Most likely the tint shift will be much worse than the TC20 but slightly better than the K30. I doubt they will make many other changes; just a new reflector and a new emitter, probably driven harder, to stay in the lumen race.

Gen III?? My apologies, oops! Thanks for pointing it out, I didn’t know GEN III existed, guess I wasn’t paying much attention since SKV89 did write “3,850 lumen” and “XHP 70.2 emitter” both of which I knew the EC50 II was not. :person_facepalming:


Now I’m also very curious about how it will compare! For one thing the Thrunite TC20 is 13mm shorter, and to me that’s a lot.

As far as the tint shift with SMO reflector… We possibly could look at the Acebeam L30 (4000lm XHP 70.2) I’ve also been considering that one lately, there are several reviews on it but I don’t recall if any reviewed the NW version.

For the L30 Acebeam lists in the features: “Smooth reflector for max. light output” however in one of the photos they have “Moderately Texturing finished reflector” so i’m wondering if it’s actually Light Orange Peel and maybe the EC50 III will have the same.

Yes, have look at these:


But I’m afraid much further discussion about it here will derail too much, so maybe start a new thread on the subject?

The 13mm difference is alot.

I forgot about the L30 [Review] ACEBEAM L30 - XHP70.2 - 20700 Looks smooth to me. And a rainbow on both CW and NW. It’s just a feature of the emitter.
You might be right about the EC50-III. The K60 has an OP reflector but they went for LOP on the K65.

Thanks, that’s one of the reviews I was reading couldn’t remember if it was NW version. I still have the L30 under serious consideration for a tactical light, but the TC20 will be a good pocket light for utility/camping/mini searchlight etc.

I much prefer the flat SS bezel of the Thrunite, don’t need those crenelations for that type of flashlight.

Thanks for the pics! When I posted about my TC20 in CW, maybe I shouldn’t have stated “sickly” but to me it’s close.

Notice robo’s first shot at the top picture in the medium mode and notice the darker perimeter around the beam at the edges of the door. Now imagine that but much, much brighter. That’s kind of what my TC20’s CW tints looked liked in all modes except turbo. The turbo mode was the exception and mirrored turbo’s shot.

Like stated before, I’m a CW junkie and imagine getting a light with most modes except the turbo that looked like that! I’m picky but not too excessive but this light’s tints I couldn’t stand. Also imagine getting a Emisar D1 a month earlier and it is the most perfect CW tint I’ve ever seen in ALL modes! Yeah, big letdown with this light and I wanted to like it so much.

Anyway, I guess in the tint lottery I lost. I wonder if anyone else who ordered CW will too. I hope not!

Sent it back to Thrulite today and I know I’m being picky again, but I shouldn’t have had to pay return shipping especially with their “satisfaction guaranteed” warrantee.

I’m still amazed and intrigued this newer breed of single-cell flashlights at around 4000lm can use a protected battery. That just goes against what I’ve learned on BLF about “hot rod” lights. But a welcome advancement indeed.

I just preordered a tc20 with CW, using tc20 coupon code… i hope i make a great decision…

My cool white just shipped.

Update: Got it today. Happy to say I like a lot better than my neutral white version. I still notice a tint shift, but it’s not as bad as the neutral version. One BLF member didn’t like his because he noticed a greenish tint, Thankfully, I’m not noticing that with mine. All in all I’m very happy with my purchase. BTW, I’m not going to sell my neutral white version. I’ll be using that in my boiler room as a service light.

Hey, glad you like it! Yeah, the old tint lottery. After dozens of lights purchased through the years, I’ve only had one other light, (which was very green), and this TC20 with it’s muddled beam that I actually couldn’t stand to look at their beams.

Maybe because I WON the lottery bigtime with my CW D1, I’m now spoiled. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

How does Thrunite TC20 compare to Utorch UT02. Both these lights are 26650 powered.

I ordered the Neutal White Version of Utorch UT02 neutral white.

Just wondering if I should order which version of Thrunite TC20?

I personally cant answer that one as I do not have the UT20. Hopefully someone will pop in that has both.

I have both the Emisar D1, and a D1S cool white flashlights. Both have the ultimate cool white tints. That being said, I’m still very satified with the not so perfect cool white Thrunite TC20.

I’m really glad you are satisfied with yours.

It’s amazing that a light like my D1 at almost half the price of the TC20 and has a perfect switch with no mushiness, and a perfect CW tint, (to me!).

It’s also plenty bright enough for almost any of my needs and if it wasn’t, I’d just buy a D4 with it’s amazing turbo mode and get two lights for almost the price of one TC20!

Besides, for the most part, the TC20’s turbo mode with the 3800lm it produces, doesn’t impress me that much over what the D4 and D1 turbo modes put out. As a plus, the D1 and D4 are so much smaller.

Believe me, I’m not slamming the TC20 and if you like it, that’s all that matters. Go for it!

These are 2 different flashights .

UT02 has ~1000 lumens and throws about 95kcd , it is a thrower .

TC20 has 3600 lumens and throws about 32kcd , it is more of a flooder .

So 1 is thrower vs flooder. But price difference is double for TC20. UT02 around $40.

I think thrunite tc20 is a great deal. $72 with the coupon… you cant beat that… d4, d1, tc20 are different light…

D4 optics lense… great… all the lumen are in one hot spot… brighter and generate more heat.
tc20. General use light… one guy reviewed he run 2 hours @ 1800 lumen…

The D1 only puts out 1300lm on turbo, or am I missing something?

You really can’t compare this to Emisar …

The D4 can only run in turbo for what… maybe 20-30 seconds? And how many 20 second turbo blasts are you going to get before the battery needs recharged? And I’ve read it gets burning hot within seconds on turbo:

Quote from the maker of D4 (Hank @ Int’l Outdoor):

“The D4 will produce tremendous heat on turbo mode, and heat up very fast (10~20 seconds for the thermal protection to kick in depends on the cell)”

The TC20 will run in Turbo for several minutes before step down begins, that’s a huge difference, plus with the 5000mAh 26650 you have a much greater battery capacity, not to mention the TC20 boasts a rated 320m beam distance. Yes both the D1 & D1S will out throw it, but neither are “lumen monsters” And the D4 is pretty much a close range flooder.

I’m not slamming the Emisar either - I’ll be ordering a D4 soon, the TC20 and D4 are both great flashlights but they definitely have their different uses.