Thrunite TC20 - XHP70 - 3800lm

Breaking news :slight_smile:

ThruNite TC20 3800 Lumen Flashlight
-Turbo (3800 lumen; 130 minutes)
-High (1800 lumen; 145 minutes)
Peak Beam Intensity: 25580 cd. (max).
Max beam distance: 320m (max).

Clearly not a thrower, it should be compared to the floody acebeam EC50, Olight R50 or Fenix PD40R (Also Klarus G20)
But I see 3 advantages already :

- Thrunite make the best neutral white

- they make very decent heat management : 1800 lumens without stepdown ?

  • The price is quite agressive (NOW 20% OFF with code TC20)

This is most likely the best 26650 flashlight for flood.

Finally. I was waiting some time now for them to release this light (not that I knew they were actually going to). Dream mode spacing too with good low and moonlight!

(P.S. they are using 70.2 emitter)

I ordered one in neutral white. Price came out to $71.96 delivered using the discount code. Should be an awesome flashlight.

I think so too.
Compared to the emisar D4 or the DQG tiny 26650, it should handle heat a lot better, keeping the high more for more than 2 min for sure
I’m very eager to see a confirmation of that

320 lumens to 1800, I think they missed a step there. Pun intended.

Description also says infinity low to high, so which is it?

I’ll let you know when I get mine. BTW, I have a D4 to compare it to.

I ordered one as well. I love my Acebeam EC50 gen ii and this is pretty much what I want the ec50 to be if I could mod it. I’m sure the NW is not 3800 lumens but for a rechargeable light I’m fine with it. Sounds like it has narsil lol.

looks sweet, like a mini convoy l6. any idea how long the highest can run ?

“this super bright light can operate at the high mode of 1800 lumens”
kinda make you think it can hold 1800lm forever ?

I meant 3800 lumens ?

Doing a google search, I’m surprised there doesn’t seem to be much interest so far other than the few guys in this thread.

That light has been released only a few hours ago, give it some time :slight_smile:

With the discount. The price is very competitive.
Too bad they don’t ship to Australia

Well I stopped by to see if there was a thread after I noticed the email in my box this morning. So I’m sure there are plenty of others who will be doing the same.

Had to try it. I’m glad it’s not just a thrower. Looks like it should be a smaller, lumen monster. I’m not a fan of rubber covered ports, (they’re usually a weak spot), but hopefully Thrunite has made it quality. Hope it doesn’t have any teething problems like some manufacturers do with new releases.

Funny how U.S. customers only get the CW option as a lot of you folks prefer other tints. As for me, I’m a CW fan as long as it’s pure white with no green or blue.

It’s a nice price with the discount and free shipping.

Thanks for the heads up and posting the 20% off code. Just grabbed one

it has the same throw (25kcd and 320m) and approx the same size as their all star TN4A
but 3x more lumens
so I guess it’s very wide/floody

I just noticed the expected ship date is the 12th of January. And I thought I’d have it in a few days :frowning:

nobody knows info how long it can run 3800 lumens? i doubt its infinite like convoy l6?

Collateral damage, it killed the p26r