Thrunite Thrower Headlamp

The Thrunite Thrower headlamp is a new 18650 sized headlamp from Thrunite. The Thrower headlamp features the Luminus SFT-40 emitter in cool white, which is rated for 1700 lumens on turbo. The beam profile has a very tight hotspot thanks to the domeless emitter and smooth reflector. Included in the package is a 3400 mah button top 18650 non-proprietary battery, usb c cable, spare o-rings, spare charging cover, and the headstrap. The included battery is not proprietary and the light functions and charges just fine with my other flat top 18650’s. The SFT-40 emitter has a very clean crisp beam. There is no green or tint shift noticed in the higher modes. The beam profile is very similar to that of the Thrunite TN12 Pro as it features the same LED. This headlamp throws extremely well with the intensity rated at 26,100 cd.

This headlamp is equipped with onboard charging via USB-C. The rubber flap sealing the port is a little thin, but does stay securely in place. The switch button is a transparent rubber lighted switch, similar to that of the TH30 V2. The switch also acts as a battery indicator to show battery status. Blue is fully charged, purple is abnormal, and red means the battery is under 10%. The light design is very nice with the shallow reeding or knurling. I appreciate the look of the new reeding compared to that of traditional knurling. The included headstrap is the same with various Thrunite models, but the strap is very comfortable and easily adjustable.

UI is straightforward Thrunite, a single press turns the light onto the last memorized mode. A long press from off is moonlight, hold while on cycles through low, medium, high, and a double click activates turbo. I am pleased to say that you can cycle from moonlight into the regular modes.

I am quite impressed with the runtimes of this light. As you would expect, the light runs fairly warm on turbo. High mode is great with an output of 735 lumens for 6.5 minutes and then 395 lumens for 240 minutes. The mode I use the most is medium which is rated for 258 lumens for 10 hours. And low mode is rated for 62 lumens for 48 hours. The included 3400 mah battery is a benefit over the normal 3100 mah battery Thrunite uses. If you need a headlamp for biking, skateboarding, or trail running, the Thrower Headlamp from Thrunite is a great budget option. Overall, I am very impressed with the build quality and output of this headlamp.

Things I like:

  • 26,100 candela
  • Great runtimes on low and medium modes
  • Included 3400 mah battery
  • You can cycle from moonlight mode into regular modes

Things I don’t like:

  • No magnet in the tailcap