Thrunite Ti Firefly for Only $5 Shipped! (May Be US Only--Unsure)

"To thank your support, we have this promotion: Register now! $15.99 Ti Flashlight for Free! Only $5 freight needed. Ends at 15th June, 2012.

Use Redemption Code: TN2012 to checkout, you will get it for only $5.00! Come to get one and share with your friends!"

That is a really wonderful deal for a very good light!!!

Already posted. :P

Awesome score I just ordered one, thanks for sharing.

Ordered .

Didn't see that. But then again we don't all visit the deals section every day, and this one is too good to miss IMHO.


Paid for and ordered


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Discount Coupon: TN2012 :


Yes it's now $10.99, because:

Yeah, some people ordered more lights by creating several accounts.

yeah they ruined it for the rest..typical

Wow what a bummer. I had my gf order one separately in order to avoid that kind of thing.

I missed it!

Don't worry fishinfool, I mIssed it too.