Thrunite Ti, Firefly mode is it useful?

Saw Thrunite Ti in HKequipment being available but is the firefly mode really useful? I wish they opted for one lumen at least. Maybe its just me.

Apparently it’s useful to someone or they wouldn’t make it that way but it’s not useful to me. I hear that they intend to come out with a second version later with a 2-3 lumen low.

I was more interested in it (with the 2 lumen low) until I saw a review detailing how the mode change works and it doesn’t look/sound all that robust over time.

It's about as useful as SOS in my opinion. :)

I can run down my ARC LSH or CMG Ultra to the point where I can stare directly at it while dark adjusted. I have not found a useful scenario for that little amount of light.

I think it's just the "cool" factor of being able to stare directly at the LED since that's normally not possible or done.

Thanks, Maybe I'll just wait for the 2 lumen low version.

In a torch that has the ability to choose any brightness level, such as the V10R for example, then a LOW LOW is useful for very night adjusted eyes for just close range illumination - say getting up to look for something in a tent (or at home for that matter), but the key is the possibility to access a 2 lumen brightness very easily.

I can agree that in a torch with only 2 modes, i would prefer a 2 lumen low. The DQG II AAA gets the modes spot on for my liking for a 2 mode torch.

I have NEVER in my life thought that a couple of lumins worth of light was too bright for any occasion. I simply don’t understand the desire or need of a fraction of a lumin. I consider it a fad. Right now ultra low lows are in vogue but there is no real world use for it from my lifetime of experience.

very useful if you are in the middle of the war... hehehehe

My wife got mad at me one morning for waking her up shining my light at her. My Zebralight SC51 on firefly low… I check around the floor with it when I come in, heck I can even ceiling bounce it, but I usually use the higher low for that.

I got one of these with the 2 lumen low recently. I like it. My only concern is with how long the low mode will work.
It’s not a major concern however. It’s a decent light even if it only had one mode (high).
I get having .2 lumens in a headlamp as long as you have many other levels (Zebralight). I don’t use .2 lumen much but it has its uses for camping (not disturbing others).
The firefly mode is not for me however. That on the TI was .04 lumen I believe.

+1. For me, it's one of those things you want and when you have it, you can't help but wonder what the fuss was all about. Sure, you can rationalize it by saying you get insane runtimes that way. I know I have. But, realistically, very few people will ever need a week of 'hardly any light'. Most of us like to have a plan B and be prepared for contingencies and I will admit that it's fun and maybe even useful to think this sort of stuff through.

Liken it to a bug out bag, if you will. Most of us will never be in a situation where we have to GTFO within 60 seconds or else. Natural disasters do happen, yes but usually, you'll have minutes or hours, not seconds. That doesn't change that having a grab bag and having put thought into what sort of stuff you may need in an emergencies is very useful.

Getting a flashlight with half a lumen output when you could just be bringing a few spare batteries and a spare light, on the other hand, may be sign that you're not sticking to KISS - keep it simple, stupid. ;)

Of course, that's just my personal opinion.

If your bug out bag light uses AAs or AAAs then having spare cells in your bag is mandatory. Most likely you can use these cells for other devices as well such as an emergency cell phone back up. Charge 2 Go – one AA battery equals another 3 hours of talk time

I think the point for some people is the lower light level rather than the battery saving aspect.
I’m not interested in the battery saving aspect at that level. If I’m outside with my telescope I can see how to move around with .2 lumen and not screw up my night vision or make the neighbors wonder what’s going on in the middle of the night.
There’s a big difference between .2 and .04 however! I don’t personally get .04 :slight_smile:

If not messing up your night vision is the idea, why not go for a red led? I have a light that has a red led mode. I never use it because it doesn’t really matter that much.

I have larger headlamps that do have a red LED and I have small flashlights with red LED and I sometimes do use them but my Zebralight is more convenient in most cases and it just happens to go that low.
At that low level it’s more or less as good (to me) as a red light. A low level is also good in a tent or anytime you are sitting around outside and want a little illumination to get your bearing so otherwise don’t want any more light.
Sometimes it’s nice to be outside in the dark but you do need to see.

has anyone compared the .04 lumen mode of the Ti and the .2 lumen mode of a Zebra? i wonder how much of a visible difference there is when your eyes are dark adapted.

i actually think the Zebra's sub-lumen mode is pretty useful for waking up in the middle of the night. it looks hella bright when my eyes are dark adapted and doesn't make my eyes hurt. it takes my eyes about a minute to get adjusted and then i can step up to the 3 lumen mode. if i start out on the 3 lumens mode, that hurts my eyes a little bit.

I agree Robo that .2 is very useful but I can’t see the usefulness of going much below that.
If I’m outside moving around even in a place I’m familiar with I generally use the 2.5 setting for a low. If I’m not moving around I’ll use .2.
I can’t see the use of something 5 times dimmer however. I know it wouldn’t seem that dim but even if it seems half as dim…where’s the practicality of that?
If .04 lumen works for a particular situation I’m betting in most cases that no additional light would also work :slight_smile:

i guess i'm just curious how much dimmer it actually looks.