Thrunite Ti/Ti2/Ti3 etc. got too expensive. What can compare?

I bought a lot of Ti and Ti2’s as gifts for about $10, and also a few Tank 007 Eo9. It seems the prices of those lights has really gone up. Are there any comparable lights out there for around $10?

Here are the specs I’m looking for:
Small as possible
Can attach to keychain
Durable (my Ti went through the washing machine and still works)
Two mode (low and high)
Under $12 shipped to USA.



i know it’s a bit different, but have you looked at nitecore tube
1lm/45lm + ramping, micro-usb rechargeable, nice UI.

i bought my latest one at a sale banggood had a while ago and paid $6 i think. but you can get them from almost anywhere, so look around and you might find good deal as well!
transparent at kaidomain $6.49 right now
Fasttech have them for $7.52 right now, $7.14 with BLF coupon, $6.86 if you buy 5

I didn’t know about the Tube. I really like Nitecore stuff, I have to get one of those now!

I’m impressed with mine. excellent on the keychain, lovely UI, cheap and rechargeable.

I’ll give a +1 on the Nitecore Tube. Excellent key chain light, rechargeable, 1 or 45 lumens or anything in-between!

For a more traditional package, check out the stainless CooYoo “Quantum”. USB mini rechargeable 10180, two mode twisty with a claimed max of 130 Chinese lumens and also claimed is a Cree XP G2, tint seems a bit bluish on low but decent on high. For sure it does at least 80 lumens on high; low around 10. Impressive for it’s size, decent build quality. Haven’t had it long enough to check durability. I’m not a fan of plastic pocket lights, all I’ve ever had got broken PDQ in my work which is why I haven’t tried the “Tube”


I’m curious about the Feng bird aaa, I think it’s only 1 mode tho but I like the looks of it

It looks like an interesting light, but am I seeing right that it goes for about $30?

That one is certainly in the price range. I’ll look up some reviews on it.

Anyone use the UltraFire A3? It looks longer than it needs to be for a singe AAA light, but maybe it’s just the photos.

I received one of these stainless steel lights this morning from Gearbest’s daily deals ($8.xx). It is just one mode, and isn’t the 105 lm advertised. No surprise there. Very well built, and a little strange - the head twists to light, but it has a stop which ensures it doesn’t fall off. A little heavy (47g with an eneloop) for keychain use for me, but ymmv.

It is well built, with a decent beam, and a very slightly blueish tint. One unexpected bonus was that it came in a handy black plastic box (13cm x 9cm) similar to this Fastech version

Great value, but I’ve never heard of a Cree XP-G X2 emitter before.

the nitecore tube sells at banggood for 5.99 atm (Flash deal)

i really nice thing!

If only it had a low mode I’d jump on it. I may get one or two anyway! Thanks for the post.


I couldn’t resist, I ordered some!

Thanks for the head’s up!


Twice in the last three days I’ve pulled my Nitecore Tube on my keys from my pocket to find it lit. I suspect it might just have been the act of taking it out that caused it to switch on, but it is a little disconcerting. It’s a neat little light, but it’s not that bright, and the very blue tint is pretty crappy. It’s only on my keys because it is so light, and I generally have a real light close to hand.


It looks like an interesting light, but am I seeing right that it goes for about $30?

Yep- mine was $26.49 US from GB which ain’t cheap but that includes a 10180 cell plus the built-in charger, so compare prices accordingly. Stainless is hard to machine well and mine looks lovely under my 10X eye loupe with everything seeming close to perfect so far.


Does it have a real metal pill? Can you post some pics of it disassembled?