Thrunite TI5T extreme thrower !

Okay, it DOES throw really far but the CRI is atrocious… kind of blue-ish it seems :FACEPALM:

It’s a 445nm royal blue module 80mw in a TI5T that I never loved… now I do !
I had to make a copper sleeve to lengthen the host because laser module are kind of long.
It’s powered by a 10440, now I’m looking for some shorter batteries such as 10180 and 10220 to fully integrate the module in the original host length.

Wow, it seems lasers are not as cool as I thought :weary:

Nice build. I like these laser modules in small flashlight hosts, good job extending the body with copper to accommodate the longer 10440 cell too but I agree it will be even better once you get some shorter cells to fit the whole thing inside :+1:
Maybe even enough space to slightly recess the focusing ring so it’s not turned unintentionally.

Put a nubm44 in there :slight_smile:

Hmmm…. :smiley:

Okay, so now the TI5Ti is equipped with a 510nm mint-green module and the 445nm blue module is in a 348 host !
The half module nearly legoes with the 348 (not really, threads are different)and I can use a 10440 in it !
Now I wait for my 9mm forward clicky switches to arrive so I can swap one in it !

Show time !

You need to get a friend who vapes or smokes around for beam shots :slight_smile:
Got the small fw clickies installed ok?

Nope, not here yet… I hope I can drop one in the 348…did you ever try ?
No one vape or smoke around me (and to be honest I’m glad they don’t)

Yeah it should fit with a bit of work, let me know if you want me to send one, might arrive a bit quicker :+1: