Thrunite TN 42 ,a new record in Throw

damn! guess how far my TN42NW reached? looks like Thrunite is really really understating their numbers! It does way more than just a mile, and this in a light-polluted area

After having over 12 TN42’s go thru my hands and I personally own 4 of them 3 modded and 1 still stock, the one thing I can say is there are gains to be (possibly) had just by floating the mcpcb board into the reflector. Plenty of clearance between the boards clearance holes and mounting screws. :wink: There is also clearance/slop between the centering ring and the ID of the reflector, then you have the variance between the thickness of the centering ring itself.

Now take into account the actual mounting surface and the mcpcb surface, is the mounting surface flat, no burrs sticking up and around the mounting holes, the wire access pass thru holes? How about the mcpcb is it flat and burr free? LED perfectly flowed on , flat, square, centered? These are production lights, with possible human assembly and machining flaws/ errors? With reflectors this big, every little bit can help or hurt LUX readings!

There are gains to be had with a little bit of finish prepping! :wink: Add a resistor, swap the driver 2.8-3amps, reflow a higher bin E4-HI or de-dome E4-HD emitter on the board for even more!

how do you check the amp draw on this light ?

At the emitter, the only true way of knowing (for me) with a boost linear or buck driver. I checked it with a Fluke 36 and the Uni-T clamp meter.

All this seems pretty advanced for a newbie like me. But what i do remember from reading many posts is that most people have had their XHP35HI’s fry short of 3 amps. How is it that they may be able to handle this current, or 3.11A like DB custom got?

How many more lumens can i get from dedoming the HD version, and would you happen to know what bin of the stock LED?

Lastly, how far have your modded TN42’s hit? Any chance of 3km? If so, i’ll never want another flashlight other than this one!

Here is some info… XHP35 output and death test + PWM efficiency test by Texas_Ace

Ipopped a couple of the earlier lower binned XHP35’s but the E2 and E4 binned seem to be able to take an occasional 4+ amp burst but I think out put wise top out at 2.7-2.8 amps. I have been running all 8 different XHP35 E4 and a E2 builds 1 at 2.5 and the rest 2.8to 3+ amps and only popped 1 using a early RMM Buck driver, suspect voltage/current ripple, replaced the emitter and it’s still running fine so far. I have been running RMM’s e-switch 4S Buck drivers and Neven’s 4S LD-2 M2 Linear drivers. and using the K70 4S battery carriers.

Any of these emitters can be or are fragile up close to their peaks, so some current ripple or spikes at turn on can be damaging. This is where a quality driver makes the difference. I usually use Neven’s LD2 with the proper components for 4 series cells. The last one I built that’s doing 2.42A is a Buck driver from Richard that I asked him to set that way.

Fine tuning by hand with careful attention to detail is what makes the difference for most hot rodded lights.

So the stock TN42 driver would preferably be swapped out with an LD2 or the RMM buck driver? I’ll probably be needing a K70 battery carrier in that case?

sorry to have to bring this up again, but this is really bugging me. I just got some Zeiss lens cleaning spray just for my TN42 and wiped the lens with a lint cloth from the centre outwards, but i can still see a whole lot of smudge looking from the side, whether i wipe it just once or repeatedly. Just don’t get it, isn’t it supposed to completely restore the surface to complete original cleanliness? Did i use too little or too much? I sprayed once on the cloth close up.

I don’t know if you guys welcome me here… I like thrower light. I have a thrunite tn42vn in xpg2 s4 dedome… it measured 870 lumen and 940k lux.

By the way, I dont modify lights. I buy. :slight_smile:

I welcome you Newlumen.You are always respectful and easy to get along with.

As far as Greta and ~ 30% of “Vinh’s Minions” go, I chose to leave CPF for good. It was the easier softer way! that has NOTHING to do with Vinh as he has always been fair and generous to me.

Thanks capo… I don’t really like cpf. The site is slow and too many rules… I like blf better… people are nice too.

Your welcome.

Your light was Born 3 days after me[June 7th],minus 57 years! :smiley:

As far as I have experienced on this site everyone is welcome, that certainly includes you.

i had a time with mine also
tried cleaning from both sides
took forever but finally got it
try using more spray, and the finer the cloth the better

why wouldnt you be welcome here?
your not a braggart, a self proclaimed prophet , :student: , ughh :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming: …… , or a know it all
of course your welcome here my friend :wink:

Hmmmm… more spray like no doubt said. As well as good cloth… finer the better.

I use the Zeiss spray too, but I mist the lens with it and then clean in a circular rubbing/wiping motion with a bit of pressure… turning the cloth to a dry spot towards the end.

Never had a problem so far. Clean & crystal clear lenses every time. :+1:

Heck yeah… welcome. :slight_smile:

Now, about the light. :smiley:

  • Who modded it?
  • Is it gray or raw aluminum?

Either way… it sure looks nice, as do the numbers. :+1:

Don't worry - it's all good here .

That TN42vn looks awesome! Is that Cerakote? Think I read vinh is offering that now. It's like an Arctic camo...

Also good to see the dedomed XP-G2 S4 gets some decent #'s, certainly better than the XHP35 HI can do, but not my much - think vinh's does ~790 kcd. The beam must be like a laser though - maybe some don't like it so thin. Wonder how the beam compares to a smaller thrower with a dedomed XP-G2 in it. Is this your first dedomed XPG2 light?

vinh modded it - a long time professional modder on CPF, very committed to CPF, website here:

My best guess is it's Cerakote.

I had vinh mod a Crelant light for me way back, before I got into modding, back in 2012 I believe. Now he does it full-time and makes a good living from it, and lots of happy regular customers.

What a nice light !

I guess performance wise it could be better , if instead of 4P batery carrier & fet driver configuration had 2S2P battery configuration & a mtn buck driver , it would give at least 10% up in the results due to the high Vf xp-g2 …