Thrunite TN 42 ,a new record in Throw

Regards Xandre



I wonder what driver they are using?

Wow, 600kcd! That’s crazy for a stock light! I wonder if there would be any modding potential or is that about the max we can expect.

No job for modder

that”s right

Regards Xandre

There is always someone who will replace the led for xp-g2 for a bit more throw :wink:

Maybe you got 1 mio Lux,
but only 800 Lumen.

In reallity out of mathematics it is just better to have more Lumen and a pencil beam ,too.

Regards Xandre

Remembering the deft-x, which will looks like soon be surpassed.

Boost driver working voltage is 8.4v, I wonder if my spare K70 carrier will fit? Might do better 4S and a LD-2 M2 at 3amps!

Really impressive, but really specialized. I cringe at “850 grams / 200 mm x 100 mm / shoulder strap”.

This one needs a mounting bracket for carrying in a motor vehicle. This is not a ‘walk the dog’ light by any means.

But I still want one. :smiley:

Well, to be fair, this winter I walked my dogs at night with my 550kcd modded TK61 :smiley: Obviously not as my only light, but it’s fairly nice being able to see at a distance when out in the pitch black of a moonless night

Maybe not xpg2, but dedomed xpl would be nice.

Oh man!!!

Wow, TaoBao starts selling TN42 .
Anyone want to try?

To me, it is not worth this price……or I cannot trust Thrunite again (as I bought T10T titanium FL @ $39, and but just two months later it sold at $25……)
FYI: TN40 was selling RMB899 ($138) for first 5 sets. I thought this time TN42 also got offer:(

Just got a TN42 from TaoBao.
Seller will only ship after 20th Sep.
Wonder how it performs against K70 CW & NW (Mod), TK61 (4.5A U3 2A dedomed), BOSS1 (XP-L HI V3 1C), TM36 Lite???!!!

I just ordered one of these TN42’s as well, direct from Thrunite… and it will ship on or after 9/20/2016. Can’t wait to see how this baby puts it downrange! Love the “tactical knurling” as well! :slight_smile:

And yes, I have to wonder too Kawi… having already built an XHP-35 that pulls 3.13A and makes 2987 lumens what would that do with this massive reflector? :wink:

How about Out Freaking Standing Dr.Dale! We will see how it does against the T90-2 at 2.81and then kick it up a notch at 3.0+? Need to get to a laptop and order mine!

The core of the Universe pulls at my creativity. I might have to dig out the mirror finish reflector from my Olight SR-90 and build an XHP-35 light from scratch. :smiley:

We do it with 3 Olight SR 90 reflectors. :beer:

And it is great.

Regards Xandre