Thrunite TN 42 ,a new record in Throw

Pictures or it didn’t happen! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Here it is :

BS are here:

By the way,which Bin do you use for 2900 Lumens ?

Regards Xandre

I got some XHP35-E4-1D from Richard last month. Like the tint quite a bit, ever so slightly on the warm side of pure white.

Thanks Dale :+1:

Regards Xandre

Dat’s Bad to Da Bone!! :+1: Wooooweee! :beer:

Try de-doming them HD’s…

Dale, did you get the one referenced in the OP (TN42C) or the 4 x 18650 version (TN42)??

I got the TN42, at the time I was thinking my chargers would charge 4 cells at 1A each for an effective 4A charge rate as compared to the proprietary pack doing 3.5A. But I do like the power cut-off on the tail of the proprietary, so I may consider it in the future.

I also like being able to pick my own cells though so for now the 18650 version is best for me. This will allow me to pick and choose for absolute power or absolute run-time or a compromise cell for the best of both. :wink:

I did notice that the TN42C is $70 more expensive, buying the proprietary battery as an accessory it’s only $60, not sure what’s up with that.

Edit: They also state that the choice of Neutral White over Cool white will reduce the stats by 15%. I opted for the whole 9 yards. :smiley:

Is this a re-badged K70, does it use the same reflector?

Yeah, that is the one I am looking at too.
I personally do not care for the “onboard” charging and do not like “proprietary batteries”… in anything. (I avoid them any time I can.)
I would much rather have choice of batteries I use. Plus, as far as this light goes; I have an overabundance of 18650’s already. :wink:

Hey, I understand; might as get the “whole 9 yards”. Go big or go home……… go for the gusto!!! :+1: … :beer:

I doubt it.

K70 is 88mm head diameter

TN42 is 100mm

Regards Xandre

Looks awesome. I don’t like battery situation personally, but it’s the new king!

Thanks, now if someone can do a head to head between the two. Would be interested in one if it beats the K70 and we can get a good price.

Mike, they offer a TN42C that takes a proprietary rechargable pack or the TN42 that takes 18650’s. :wink: Same performance from either, so they say.

Are you talking about TN42? It is 666g including batteries.

Which one do you guys bought, the NW or CW. Normal I prefer CW. I can’t decide which one to buy. And use the coupon TN42 for 10% off.

I bought the CW one without battery pack.


TN42 in cool white for maximum throw. :wink: (got lots of cells and more on the way)

Good for you. :wink: