Thrunite TN36 - I'm not impressed

Maybe it’s the hype around this light. Maybe I expected too much but when I went outside and compared it to my TK75 or BS Terminator it just doesn’t seem to amaze.

The light output is great. It’ll light up a room just fine. It hurts if you flash yourself in the face but outside it just seems to be lacking.

The light itself gets sodding hot on turbo - as expected - and it’ll trip the protection on some Ultrafire flames (they actually get about 2800mAh capacity so I’m keeping them) but I just dont seem to be wowed. Maybe the samsung blue’s that I’m running just can’t keep up the current but I’m thinking they are doing okay as the light stays on and the light gets very hot in a short amount of time.

Anyone else got one and thought “meh”?

Thanks for posting, was going to get one, only reason I hadn’t yet was because I just bought a Imalent ddt40 in the group buy and another quite expensive torch, so was waiting till they arrived before buying the tn36.

The reason I was going to buy one was because in a imalent ddt40 related thread there was screen shots of various torches shinning down on to the yard/side/roof of a house, the thrunite tn36 had the best flood out of all of them, which is what I’m looking for.

I understand what your saying, i’ve had torches that disappointed when they arrived, as I’m sure many others have. Is this really that bad? are you sayin it isn’t very floody at all, I was expecting it to flood a large size garden with light without problem and with quite a depth to the flood

Has got me wondering if I did the right thing by holding off buying one

Same thing but with MM15 and I know whay you felt like that :slight_smile: you like throw more than flood :smiley:
TK75 and terminator have significantly better throw than TN36.

Which would you pick? A light that dimly illuminates a field at 1km or a light that covers a whole field at 100m?

Lux seems to be more impressive to most people.

I’m waiting for my light to come, but TK 75 and Terminator is more on the throw side…my TK75 with resistor mod didn’t impress a lot of people when I pointed to the ceiling, now on the other hand MM15 always “WoW” the crowd
I was hoping this light is slightly better than my MM15 :slight_smile:

Point this light at the ceiling and you’ve got a huge pile of light all over the place but outside in a street with dim orange street lighting and this looks a bit poor compared to the beam profile of the TK75.

I did however get out to a dark field last night and light it up with the TN36 and I had a smile on my face. This isn’t a poor light by any standard but it’s probably not suited to what I really want but I’m keeping it as it’s bloody tiny and certainly has that wow factor going for it.

It does get VERY VERY hot. I left it on my desk this morning and timed it for ten minutes taking its temperature with an IR heat gun. Starting temp 16.2c, end temp 67.1c

0min 16.2c
1min 28.4c
2min 35.8c
3min 41.6c
4min 46.4c
5min 51.2c
6min 55.2c
7min 57.5c
8min 61.2c
9min 63.9c
10min 67.1c

Too hot to hold for sure!

If you want throw rather than flood, don’t buy a multi MK-R emitter light.

Totally agree! The throw and flood are entirely different light depend how you use. I personally like flood more than throw!

I think I’ve been too harsh on it. I need to go out for a walk somewhere properly dark to have a play. I’ve been tailstanding it to see how it copes with a bit of heat and I’ve had it reading 74.5c after about 12mins. Definitely too hot to hold.

It’s a dull day here and this has certainly lit up my room better than my ceiling lights.

When will step down kicks in?

I’m not too sure. I wasn’t watching to see.

I will set up some video capture to check if I get a chance later.

Check out selfbuild’s review on CPF. It doesn’t have a step down timer, but a temperature control step down at 80°C.

I knew I read it somewhere that it was temperature controlled. I was probably getting close if the head was 74.5 outside the inside would have probably been a bit warmer. Either way you can’t hold it at these sort of temperatures so its not a problem

I wasnt impressed either.

MM15 is 2 x MT-G not MK-R…

I think the reason some of you are not impressed is due to the extreme flood angle of this light. I think it is probably over 160°. So you have a lot of the light scattered to the side compared to most flooders.

I bet if you look at the floor and aim the light at the ceiling, you will see a big difference compared to other ~3000 lumen lights.

Edit: I’m still waiting for my light

The TN36 (the torch the op was talking about isn’t :wink: )

That said, same applies, don’t buy a ‘large’ LED in a ‘small’ reflector if you want throw. :slight_smile:

Me either!! I sent mine back. After 4 flood type lights I am convinced they are not for me and I am a THROW-A-HOLIC!

Below, I will share most of my email w/ Craig from ILLUMNS Instead of re-writing my thoughts!


This is in regard to “ORIGINAL” order #100034688. TN36.
As we discussed ~10 days ago the LOW VOLTAGE indicator does not work. We were going to exchange the light when your new batch comes in.

I feel bad telling you this but the more I use the light the less I like it! I will try to be succinct.

It is ALL about preference. I prefer MAX output most of the time. Because of the EXTREME heat generated by this light on Turbo you are basically relegated to HIGH which is 2300 lumens. Here is the KEY to understanding my thinking/reason! I HAD Three[3] floody lights b/w 2000 and 2500 lumens. Two Vinh graciously took back and One I sold.I was disappointed when I realized they did not have the ability to light something up where I could Identify it from 50/60/100 yards away.

When the TN36 is on turbo putting out 6600 lumens it has an acceptable amount of throw. On “HIGH at 2300 lumens it is basically like the other Three that I know longer have,that is I can not identify anything past 35/40 yards. They do not do anything for ME. I am a THROW-A-HOLIC!

It has taken Four lights before I have realized that I do not like floody lights! I hope I have finally learned.An intense beam of light traveling a half a mile to a mile is so much more enjoyable and impressive to me. I have numerous modded lights that will do that!

I almost forgot! Tonight it was 37F and after 5 to 6 minutes on turbo the light was very hot. What happens in the spring/summer/fall? 2 or 3 minutes on turbo. Selfbuilt in his review said that he could not even hold the light on “High”after 10 minutes or so.

The bottom line is I can not use the light the way I like to because of the EXTREME heat that builds up on turbo.

I guess I could have just said my light is defective and I don’t want another one. However, I wanted you to know my exact reason. Especially because I told you I liked the light,time has changed that.
It is on the way to San Jose as I write this! ILLUMNS is my favorite dealer. I have been buying off of them for ~ 2 years. They are very reasonably priced and as fair as One could possibly hope! :slight_smile:

Too hooooot to hold. I need to return to HKE! Just emailed to them & ask how to do the return for a full refund!

I tested the vn versions - they are very nice and vinh did an excellent job modding them. IMO I did not see any real difference in the output compared to the mm15vn (by eye). So no real need to upgrade for me. I had one ordered from HKE but I cancelled it before it shipped.

I do like floody lights, but after 1 or 2 they are all very similar to me.