Thrunite TN42 V2

So thrunite has a version 2 coming out of the TN42. Looks to be SBT90 LED 4,848 max lumens for 1800 ish meter throw. 4 21700 batteries. Anyone impressed? Getting it? Not?

4 x 21700? Nice, can’t wait to see it!

A 4x21700 light would be awesome! Have there been any 4x21700 lights other than the TN50?

This sounds nice! excited to see it. I really like thrunite, even though i have only owned 2 of their lights. Thrunite = Nice drivers, nice form factors, not afraid to push high lumens for a “major” brand, nice pricing considering all of this. they make me think of a budget priced version of Acebeam.

I probably will not buy it, i have never spent more than $140 on a light. I will be interested in seeing a review though.

The TN42 was on my list of ‘got to get’ lights for a long while. Then there was the BLF GT…

4 x 21700 might make for a pretty hefty grip on this light, but I do like the sound of it as a potential competitor to the Acebean K75 - with maybe a lower price point? Bring it on!

Looking forward to it, but probably not in my budget right now.

The original is great. I feel like it gives more visibility at long distances even over the K1.

It could very nicely fill the gap between K75 and MF05.

They better BEEF it up… :smiley:

Wow, so it’s actually slightly shorter than the original.

What I don’t understand-

The head diameter on this tn42 v2 is 105 mm. And it throws approximately 1800 meters.

The Manker mk35 II has a 109mm head size and throws approximately 2000 meters.

The head size on the Astrolux MF02s v2 is 84mm and throws approximately 1750 meters (tested by flashoholic). The Lumintop SD90 (new release, looks like a good deal!) has a 90mm head and throws approximately 1750 meters.

Now I know the amount of amps driven, reflector depth, and geometry play a part in throw and candela, but I just feel like given the head diameter on this TN42 v2 is over 100mm, the throw should really be more than 1800 meters…

Can anyone confirm maybe thrunite’s estimate is low? I really want to buy this light while on sale, but right now I’m leaning toward the MF02s v2 at $40 cheaper and easier to carry with almost identical throw, or the Lumintop SD90 at the same price as this (on sale) but easier to carry and the Lunintop is running Anduril, which to me is a plus, because I am familiar with it.

Thanks for entertaining this rambling.

ThruNite have listed this as under 5000 lumens, which is conservative for the SBT90.2 in a big host. The SD90 is listed at 7500 lumens, which could be possible but I think is unlikely.

Definitely, I agree about the sd90 not being 7500 lumens, even the k75 acebeam which is a great performing sbt90.2 light was only clocked at 4800 lumens by Matt smith on blf (adventure sport). I expect pretty much 4800-5000 lumens the Max for sbt90.2 in any light regardless of what manufacturers claim, because that just seems to be the Max.

Thing is I’m personally not really confers with lumens with sbt90.2 as I know over 4,000 lumens with that throw is BRIGHt. I’m just searching for the best head diamter to throw ratio, mostly because it effects the lights portability abd for me how much I’ll use it. I really want the K75 but at 126mm head diameter I feel like I’ll never use it because it’s so large. Reason why I don’t want the Astrolux mf04.

But this tn42 v2 at 105mm seems like a nice Max size for me, just hoping once some members test it, that it outperforms the TN specs .

I have the original modified w/ CFT90.2.

The only advantage this had is the run time with 4X 21700 and USB which I never use.Output is basically the same.

For someone who does not have one, it would be worth buying…although it steps down in 2 min. :person_facepalming: mine does not.I like the 21700 but that alone would never make me

I personally think the MT90 / MF02Sv2 is the top end of a remotely usable light, but also the size that the 90.2 asks for. I mean if you are truly S&R then these are all tiny toys compared to the gigantic HIDs some use. But as a hobbiest with any sort of budget, there is a serious practicality limit above the size/weight of an L21a ~ K1 sized light. Once Convoy releases the 3x21a 90.2 I will decide between that and the MT90 as my wasteful toy / bragging rights light. Then I might trade it in a few months for an LEP to see what that’s about. Personally I’m curious how this turns out, but 99.99% certain I won’t even consider buying it.

this is very helpful insight for me JaredM, thank you. And it is nice to be reminded of the practical size. And as much as i want the K75 thats why i havent bought it. I owned the mf02s and i actually used it as it was only 1/2” longer and barely wider then the ft03 & K1.

The only other serious contender im considering beside the mt90/ mf02s v2, is the Lumintop sd90. Its head is 6mm wider the mt90, but it is 2.5” longer because there is an integrated charger in Handle like the old Lumintop SD75 had.

Id be curious to hear your feedback on the LT sd90’s size, you think even that is too big? in your opinion? sorry, im just torn. then again the mt90 is $50 cheaper then the SD90, so that makes it a little easier to pick.

Form factor and style wise, I’d go with the MT90, but that’s subjective. I hear the UI of the MT90 isn’t great, and never saw a review of the SD90, so that’s a wild card to me. Personally, the styling does nothing for me either. The size of the SD90 IMO crosses over the point were you might as well go straight to the MF05 or GT90. Again, YMMV. Price difference here also weighs in the MT90’s favor (consider resale value as well)

In my own little world I have dividing lines between light size classes. When it comes to throwers, or just larger dia lights in general, my opinion is that 160% larger frontal area is ‘one full step’. So these lights to me are a half step apart, and the MT90 is already dangling on the too big to ever be used / pure toy range. When going on a trip, I try and only take lights full steps apart… Otherwise I’m a weirdo lugging around a dozen lights lol.

I consider how I’m going to transport it to even play with it. My TN31 and K40M are already lights that push the limits of practicality and in the combined 10 or more years I’ve owned them couldn’t have put even a handful of full discharge cycles on either of them. Even at their relatively tiny dimensions, they don’t come along for any adventure or job unless it’s a dedicated car ride to do beamshots.

Sorry if that doesn’t help. I’d say if you think it’ll make you temporarily happy and you can justify the cost, follow your gut. This is just a hobby after all! Don’t stress it :wink:

Im trying not to stress out, always seems more important before the purchase, then its just fun after it comes in. Lol. I will make the decision, and i can always sell it if i want to try another. Never stopped me before LOL.

Thanks for your input! very helpful Insight :+1:

Is that a modded TN42 V1? What driver did you use to go from xhp35 6V (or 12V?) to sbt90.2 3V?

Nice Collection! is that the Nitecore TM series in there?

Considering Portability / Size vs throw - which do you like better the BLF GT or the TN42 sbt90?


“Is that a modded TN42 V1?” Yes “What driver did you use to go from xhp35 6V (or 12V?) to sbt90.2 3V?”
Lexel TN42 Narsil driver
“Nice Collection!” Thanks “is that the Nitecore TM series in there?” correct Gen1 TM36

Considering Portability / Size vs throw - which do you like better the BLF GT or the TN42 sbt90? Like them all…but if I had to choose between the GT or TN42… then it would be the TN42…I use the FT03 with QB26800 cell the most…