Thy trigger has been pulled!

on a Zebralight sc600..

I sure hope I don't regret it..I never have enough free cash to buy expensive lights, but after much scrimping, saving, deliberation and research I finally hit the PP button 5 minutes ago..can't wait to try it out..I love the UI from my Zlt H31 so i'm sure I won't be disappointed..still coming out with 100$ for a light just makes me wonder I love budget anxiety is elevated currently!

must be a terrific light! congrats to the trigger pull!! And please share your personal impressions, thoughts, opinions. maybe similar to x4cto:

oh yeah for sure..I will share my thoughts as well as a video comparison to many budget lights in the same class..980l, p60 xml's etc..

I feel for you, bro. I can relate. And I'd be surprised if you don't really, really LOVE that Zebralight.

All in good spending...which is to say, good living!

Congrats on that one. I have been wanting one of those for a while now. Be sure to give us your impressions.

Ive had mine for a week and i use it for work. im sure youll like it. really bright for such a small light. nice and grippy in the hands.

thanks man..for sure with the impressions..

good to hear! any regrets about the 95$ spent vs a budget light?

none at all. sold off a few lights on ebay to help pay for it. i've been wanting to try diff UIs lately and love the one on sc600. hopefully getting olight m20sx in the mail tomorrow.

I put my order in once the sc600w went up for sale. Just sitting and waiting now. :)

yeah i've been hooked since my h31 with the UI..let us know how the m20 is..

cool mitro..I saw the W was available but I really am a max output guy over CRI guy (especially zlt's tints on their cool stuff)..would be interested in seeing some beams of the W version though..I almost bought a neutral spark sl6 to see what was what..was this close to that spark..but kept coming back to the sc600..even at the end the spark was right there looking at me..had it been 95$ instead of 109$ I may have opted for it..