Tiny Brass Copy

Here is a copy (sort of) of CRX’s tiny brass flashlight. Mine is 8.8 mm diameter by 16.5 mm long. I used CRX help when it came to ‘how the heck do you wire this up’. And I included a sketch of how I wired up this one. I also used help from Here . Again for help in wiring it up. I saw CRX’s little light from 2017 and just had to try to make one of my own. It is really only a conversation starter. It is powered by three button batteries (#377). Friction between the inner and outer tube keeps the light on when you push it together. You simply pull it ‘apart’ to turn in off.

Here are the pictures.

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How to post pictures

I want to see it! :smiley:
Have you uploaded the images to a hosting site like imgur or equivalent?
Here’s a tutorial thread on posting pictures.

It’s cute! I like it. Are you going to polish the outside tube to a shine?

I am trying to get the photos to show up. And yes, I will polish it to a nicer shine.



In order to make it show up:
For each image in the album:

  1. Left click on the image to zoom in
  2. Right click on the zoomed in image, “Copy Image Location”
  3. You have image url in the clipboard, follow How to post images on BLF to add it to a post

Add this code: {width:xx%} to the image URLs in your post, between the ! and the http, changing the xx% to some number up to 100%. The number you choose is relative to the size of the page here at BLF, not the size of the original picture.

You're getting there :THUMBS-UP:

CRX Brass Tiny XM-L2


A huge thank you for that sizing info!


Mine definitely needs a polish.


So, I am off to the kitchen table to polish the little guy up. Thanks for the comments and have a great day.


Very cool

Wow, awesome build.

Will there be a blf edition?

Awesome, I love this tiny light, in size of a bullet…
IMHO, a project worth launching BLF edition. Although simple, but soooo useful.

very nice!

10180 variant with keychain attachment? I’m in!

Thank you folks for the comments! And I am still polishing. And I think CRX took a photo of his tiny light resting inside a 10180 light. CRX - What size are your images when you put them three across?


I make up composite images and resize them before uploading them to imgur using Photoscape.


Thank you Sir!