Tiny LiPo battery Led Flashlight - Homemade

This is a small project, that I made this evening.

Used 130mAh very small LiPo battery from ebay.
I do not remember the seller that I have bought from, this is a link for similar item.

I have used one super bright 5mm led, 10ohm resistor and a push button switch.
This circuit supplies 30mA to led measured with a multimeter,
may be high for the led. But I do not have specs of the led.

Battery size is 26x19mm. Height is 3-4mm, with the circuit it becomes 6-7mm thick.

Here are the pictures:

I have a hobby charger imax b6, so I can recharge the battery with it.
I do not know if the battery has any low voltage protection.
I will try this with Nichia 5mm-30 lumen led, when I receive my order from ledrise.

Welcome for Any comments.

Be very careful with that battery. It does not have protection of any kind and Lipo batteries when used for RC often will catch on fire. Make sure to charge it with something like 50 mah.

Battery is about 1 year old. It’s current voltage is around 3.6V. I have never charged it.
I think it is safe if used for small bursts of lighting, current consumption is very low, comparing with the RC usage.

This battery is not purchased for this purpose, it was for an mp3 player that has a broken battery.

Cool little light. Have you though of how to... eh how do you say... Package it? I mean how to make it pocketable and more user friendly.

A Lipo in a pocket seems like a bad idea...

His hobby charger is min. 100mA.
this is cuter pack though, IMO… more compact, supports 4A discharge and 1.6A charge. So theoretically it could power fully-driven XM-L for whole 3 minutes! (that’s being smaller, and MUCH lighter than AAA cell).

I have used only insulation tape to cover the battery and circuit, left led and switch open.
A small plastic or metal package may be found.

I have even tried with 3 5mm leds, and it has worked.
I have 1W power leds, I will try to power one of them with this battery.
I do not have any bare XML or XPG leds.

This project can be used on a hat or cap lighting. it is flat.

This is only 10C discharge pack so theoretically it should supply 1.3A for 6 minutes.

This is a good idea, but it still scare me to see bare protruding wires ready to short out like that... on a LiPo pack. Need a much safer packaging IMO.

What about using a silicone gun and burying the circuit into silicone?

I have tried same battery with a single 1W power led (probably cree) in direct drive.
It works!

Problem is: Need a very small aluminum case for dissipating heat than it will be a tiny monster.