tinydeal giveaway price: Small Sun ZY-123

Hey Guys!

I won here the second price - a Smill Sun SW

It took a few days to manage them to bring it on the way and i got (from my nice contact Jane) a tracking Nr from “german Post” (worked after 2 days)
fast 17 days later i had the well packed Box (bubblefoil envelope) in my hands on the kichen table

inside i found a very light Small Sun ZY-123!

i pushed in 3 new eneloops in the (a little short, but plenty space in diameter) batterietube and got what expected:

  • some rings in the beam
  • enough light for non-flashaholics :wink:
  • high-low-disco
  • plasic lens and reflector (both dusty, but without scratches)
  • light weight and maybe (for my hands) a little too thin
  • “usual thread quality” without lube but good O-Rings
  • good black color (a little slippery knurling)
  • hollow pill with some LED (as mentioned on tinydeals page) on aluminium star

maybe i will mod that light in the future and post pics from the inside then.
(all i made turned out crappy :()

Again: Thanks to tinydeal for the price!

-> a free light is a free light could be a gift…

It’s hollow pill.

Interesting little light!

3 x AA = 4.5vdc

I wonder if you made or got AA dummy batterys and used a Li Ion if it would run the same

I know that most devices that use 2 x AA in series for 3.0vdc they seem to do ok with 4.2vdc if you use the place holders

i thought about that… :wink:

i have to see if i mod it or give it away as it is…

If you have the right tools, you can easily make it into a P60 host.



Or a triple XP-G2 - XP-E2 like this.

is that okay or crap?


stupid me! thats IR :frowning: