TIP2 best deal on DealeXtreme (deal who??)

Quite accidentally i came across this offer, which at the moment is the best deal for a Nitecore TIP2, at least from where i’m sitting.


Ordered one. :slight_smile:

Must say, there are a few other worthwhile offers on good ol’ DX.

I was a little surprised DX still exists at all. :slight_smile:

Yea dx is probably one of the older sites. I bought a screw driver bit set from them in like 2012.
It’s actually good quality still going now. They are fairly active on social media.

Thanks, DX was my first chinese e-shop from many years ago!

Use the code “DX6OFFALL” for another 6% off!

Oh, i wish i knew that code before buying.

Not much BLF love for the TIP2, it seems.

But i got mine in this week, and it’s really bright on ‘turbo’.


It’s definitely bulkier than the TIP though, despite the similar size (hight, depth, width)

The XP-G3’s are still ugly LEDs though…

I’ll put in some SST-20’s soon.

Not sure if i’ll put in 70 CRI 5000K in it for the lumens, or 90 CRI 2700, 3000, 3500 or 4000 Kelvin for the color snobbery.

Got mine in a few days ago too, and got my TIKI last night. The Tiki has a much nicer tint and is so much lighter. Coming from a TINI, I find it weird that the TIP2 takes just as long to turn off as it does to turn on…

Either way, thanks for the TIP2 deal!

Wow, you mean Nitecore sometimes uses tints other than cold white? :slight_smile:

Yeah, i bet it’s much lighter, since it’s all plastic except the bezel.
I wonder though, where the heat is supposed to go to, but i don’t know how bright it is on max.

But if the PWM was not visible, i’d probably buy one.

Mine turns OFF with a short click.
So i tried what happens when you press the button a long time, and then it indeed turns OFF with a similar delay as turning ON.
This is indeed different with the TINI, but the TINI also turns off with a short click.


By the way, those tail magnets are really strong !
It takes quite a bit of force to detach the tail cover.