'tis the season to buy flashlights, fa la la la la...

I usually try to hold off on buying new flashlights until the end of the year. There’s usually some sort of discount offering in the Thanksgiving timeframe in USA (Black Friday, Cyber Monday), and even some vendors will try to squeeze out a few more sales after the new year with some steep discounts on older inventory.

Last year though… I don’t know, but to my eye the autumn sales weren’t so great. There also seems to be a trend of vendors pumping up prices to then show “eye catching discounts” that aren’t much different than from sales at other times of the year.

And of course, it all depends upon the brand… some just don’t get discounts, like Emisar/Noctigon.

Anyway, I thought maybe it might be worthwhile to poke around and see if anyone is aware of upcoming sales for flashlight vendors and/or brands beyond the usual “Deals” threads.

Btw, I don’t know if anyone here buys from Battery Junction these days, but they’re running a 15% sale up through midnight of October 27th.

Doesn’t AliExpress have a sale around 11/11. Might be some stuff around then.

^ Yes, you’re right Camaro. 11/11 is a perfect symmetry day and the Chinese do celebrate it with special discounts.

11/11 Single's Day is the biggest online sale event for China.