Titanium EDC Prototype 80% Done.

Hi All. Just when you thought I was pooped out from making the Bomber I dove into another project. This one will be the opposite extreme. It will be an EDC and will be made of titanium. I don't have any Ti lights nor do I have an EDC light, so what the heck. Now, I want something that will put out some light if it needs to so I consulted Dale. He recommends a triple XP-G2 driven by a 14500. I had some reservations about the diameter the head would need to be with a triple in there, but decided to go for it. It will be Ti after all and that stuff is strong, so I can make it pretty thin.


Efest 14500 V2 IMR 700mAh EFST14500V2 1 $4.40 $4.40
CREE XP-G2 Q2 7C4 90+ CRI LED on Noctigon 16mm MCPCB XP16-XPG27C4 1 $6.59 $6.59
10507 Carclo Lens - 3-UP Narrow Spot Optic CARCLO-10507 2 $2.49 $4.98
FET Driver - 17mm
- Off-time Memory: Yes
- Turbo Timer: 60 Seconds
FET17 1 $14.99 $14.99

If you are paying attention, the single XP-G2 is in case I don't like the triple, but for now it is for a future rendition of the same light.

As you know, I like exposed pills. Copper ones. This light will have one.

Here are pics of the prototype. It will not have a bezel. The head is machined from the inside to accept the properly sized o-ring and lens. All components will fit in from the pill end.

The light is complete with the exception of the tail cap. I have not decided on a clicky or a twisty. I'm leaning towards a twisty for the sake of compactness. A clicky will cost more length and a fatter tail cap.

I should have cleaned it better, but here is the aluminum and brass prototype.

Pill. All threads on this light are 40 TPI. The final version will be chromium copper which is supposed to tarnish less and machine better as well as being more expensive than regular copper

Driver installed. Look closely, there is a notched threaded brass ring holding the driver in.


So, what do you think? Anyone have advice in general or about clicky vs. twisty?

Nice !! once you’re done with your titanium light… can I buy your aluminum/brass prototype? :bigsmile:

Make it a clicky.

I would have sold it, but my son has already "called dibs" on it. He wants it anodized blue, so yet more work :)

Neat project!

A clicky gives more trouble making it right, but that is totally worth it. I have both clickies and twisties, and the clickies get way more use because they are nicer to operate ( and fiddle with )

It looks like the start of a very nice little sleeper light. All the best in your endeavors. Theres going to be some proud owners out there.

You may want to check on the thermal properties of that copper alloy. I have looked into many of them and a lot of them have worse thermal transfer capabilities than brass.

I wonder if there’s a way to sleeve the tail so that the body slides together and the switch is buried with no visible button.

Chromium copper has 3x the thermal conductivity of brass.

I will think on it.

thats great! I was amazed to find that beryllium copper only has two thirds the thermal conductivity of brass.

My vote would go for clicky also. Any chance on building a few of these to sell?

If I am successful machining the titanium, I plan on making several to sell. Have to wait and see how it goes though.

And I likewise think you can figure out a way to take svelte into sexy and maybe beyond, put the mill to work, give it some life. On the Ti, get creative how you color it, between the lines, in the blocks, or highlighting spirals. Do that, and auction it off. Watch the price soar on it as those that want it will want it in the worst possible way. :wink:

well done

And on our other friends like, big high fives. :slight_smile:

Did it fall in the crax? Ever do it in Ti?

Don’t know if I want to see it if you do, I’m already in debt….

Yes, the Ti project got shelved for a while. It's still on my list, but it may be a couple of months. I want to do a second Damascus light first.