Tk04 battery tube for 26800

Does anyone here know about using 26800 in tk04? I saw on mateminco page on ali express one tube that said it could be used but you would have to use the tail cap from another light? Thanks Here is your link and though not listed it does fit the TK04 as it’s what I have on mine. FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX 26800 Battery Tube for FT / EA Series Group Buy - ENDED For some list on what fits what.

Thank you Texas. I believe the tk04 is the most versatile awesome all around light ever made. I just ordered five of those tubes. Now if they would only make one longer to fit two 26800. Thanks again.

Get this battery when it’s in stock. It’ll give you a bit more lumens than the 6800 mah battery and a bit less runtime.