Tk61 hotspot question.

I just got done modding my tk-61 and put a new higher led in it. I was just wondering does this look like a good hotspot? It looks tight and clean. I think it looks alright I would just like some input on what others think.

Looks alright from my house but then… I’m not the one who needs gratification :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great to me. :)

Looks good from here too.

You might also want to underexpose the photo heavily (–2.0EV) to see the without washing out the hotspot.

looks good!

Well, it’s white bright and tight…if that’s what you’re looking for I’d say you’ve succeeded. :wink:

Now take a pic of it putting that spot downrange a good ways, say 400-600M… and show us!

Looks good! Curious what higher LED you used?

I bought a 6500k led and did a dedome. I’m just surprised it turned out focused that well first try I thought too good to be true.

If you shine it up into the night sky, can you see the convergence zone in the beam? If so, about how far would you say the point is from the light? (This appears as a dark elongated triangle inside the beam of light, this is what makes the “donut hole” when shining it on something close)

This is what I’m seeing…that convergence point needs to be pretty far out there in order to get massive throw. It’s the fine tuning of how the beam works. If that point is too close, make the hot spot complete with no dark circle in the middle when inside of a meter or so, then the gathered light actually crosses over and starts to widen too early, causing the beam to not reach as far as it could. This might not make sense when looking at the text, but shining the beam up into the night will show you. I’m trying to get mine tuned to 600Kcd or more, I’m really wanting a mile. Proving difficult to do in my particular light for some reason.

I just got my TK61 before going on vacation. I de-domed it and had it doing around 440Kcd when we left, but I didn’t have power bumped well, it was under 4A. It still managed to put light on the trees of the opposite bank of the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. :slight_smile: I want more! :stuck_out_tongue:

Waiting for some parts to arrive, I’ve got an SST-50 in it at the moment, de-domed. Nice beam, but not a thrower like this. This emitter is doing 5.6A. And making lots of heat!

So, I’d say if you’re happy with the way it’s working then steel yourself to leaving it alone and just enjoy it like crazy! :wink:

Looks alright to me, but just to be on the safe side: Send it over so I can have a look at it and let you know, I’ll send it back in time for new year, I promise! :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: :party: