TK70 vs SR90,–-Olight-SR90-Microfire-Warrior-III

I would like to see the Olight SR92 versus TK70, than we are speaking about the same armanent

Why they always compare a 1 led light by a 3 led light??

Seems to me that a tripple led, 100 mm reflector never can have the same throw as a deep/wide single 100 mm reflector.

There is....

But the main point is, someone offered me a price for this....quite a bit below usd200, shipped. 3xT4 left HK today. Argh... This little bugger is one big momma full of Type III anodisation, really well built (I am not after those throw from 10m height and still survive Surefire lights, seriously the lens cracks before that and you can't easily change it out...check out CPF) and uses D cells. And I can use AA as well coz there are 2xAA to D adapters, so you get Alkalines and NiMH and primary lithiums etc.

Definitely useful as a toilet plunger too though....

Here....everything is here at the usual place, incld Sky Ray etc (they should come here....great guys!)

I dunno about using aa, since those adapters are kinda crap for high current.

High - low mode. 7 days for low mod, can't be beaten for an emergency.

Yeah, but I hope you're not getting one for low mode. :bigsmile:

Also interesting is the not quite so flat regulation. Brightness actually goes up with time...

I suspect they use the same driver as the one in the less expensive 3*xml's.

What would be interesting is tk70 vs 3 of the stl/v2's taped together.

I can get 50k lumens if you wanna try duct tape. Sealed

BTW thommy, the 3xT4 shipped yesterday. Check cnqualitygoods account page, web message, your tracking number is there.

The thing is, you can get 100k below 200 bucks now! The performance and usefulness really bring this to very near budgetlight status. If its $130 it'd absolutely crash the scene. I'd have jumped on this if i hadn't gotten CNQ's 3xT4. But I think I might really get this....

If it is too long, you can run it without the extender, comfortably shorter than the SR90. And it still would be useful when the toilet gets clogged......Sealed


I caved. Ordered one Tues., should get it tomorrow. Can't wait!!


My most sincere apologies.... Innocent

TK35 แรงดันไฟออกจากวงจร 3.67V กระแส 2.85A กำลังไฟ = 3.67x2.85=10.46W

TK70 แรงดันไฟรวมประมาณ 5.3V กระแส 7.6A กำลังไฟ = 5.3x7.6 = 40.28W

หรือที่ผมเคยใช้แบต 32600 ลิเที่ยม3.7V สองก้อน TK70 แรงดันไฟรวมประมาณ 8.38V กระแส 4.48A กำลังไฟ = 8.38x4.48 = 37.54W

(last 37.54 fig just take it they used some adapters or something and did 2 Li-Co)

Interesting, that means they are actually overdriving it. Even if its 4.8 x 7.6A (voltage sag and anyway it drops fast after the initial phase, but the NiMH D are still quite muscular) it is still 36W. I presume heatsinking is crazy excellent.

Sky Ray 3 x T6 is at best 21W. So this is 2 x Sky Ray if you aim it at the ceiling.

Even after deducting 4W for the driver, it is 40 - 4 = 36W to the 3 emitters.

I'll see if i can arrange a deal for BLFers.



(I don't really need one...I dont really neeed one......I don't really need one....etc.)

Yeah...lots of other tests as well. Search around.... And I am wondering if there is a difference between the pre-production models and production models. The production models seem to be a bit more powerful and just a hairline in throw below SR90 while giving you a bigger hotspot and more spill (more lumens basically). I mean its 35-40W before driver losses, spread over 3 efficient XM-Ls with crazy heatsinking (big head, big batteries to soak everything up). This is not a 6-12 XM-L maglite pocket rocket.

I caved in and got one as well....

Anyway, who is interested in getting the TK70? I negotiated and it can be had for usd183 shipped with registered mail for normal BLFers (with tracking number).

At the regular price, and that size, I think I would migrate to the HID crowd.

But $183 is a great price.

Nice price

Very interested me

Is there also a possibility for a TK70 pakage battery deal?

MD 3000 charger + 4 x Tenergy D NiMh 10000 mAh Rechargeable Batteries.

Hope that can be arranged at also a nice set-price, then count me in without doubt.

thanks 2100, you rock

Thommy, seriously I think we are all dead meat sooner or later. They are releasing lights faster we can test!

Trooplewis, you are right, HID is still a good deal. Nowadays I can get a 65W HID for usd123 shipped to me.....if you do not mind the 3S3P. Thing is, if you hear any venting, just throw it away and run like there is no tomorrow. You must be prepared to do this. But the thing is also this, with such power you would likely be using it outside. Recharging usually no issue, charge it at the service yard or something....outside please (but sheltered from rain, take it in if it rains of coz!). 4000-4500 lumens, 235k lux for my version. Difficult to beat. I am always aware of this.

SLA HID carry handle lanterns are safe. Crazy in performance. These will kill stuff like Deft HO, whatever 12 XM-L (maybe not in lumens, but in lux) etc.... i mean it is a totally different league. Even a big 30 XM-L light we have bigger MH lights up to several kilowatts. Different league..... HIDs do not hit a brick wall with heat.

HID's warm up time, its either you like it or you hate it. Hot-restrike not a big issue. (bulbs are cheap). But it is always good to have an instant super-bright LED like TK70...which is cheap.

You can ask Stanley of HKequipment. There are also many internation sites selling batteries, it is up to you. This kind of deal is very useful for people not in CONUS.

Hey about us - - the not so normal BLFers

Save up, don't look at budgetlights for 2 months. I am sure you can make it!

TK70 and 14 other thrower lights