TK75 onwer wanted

I need the help of a Fenix TK75 owner. I would like to use the battery holder in a mod I am doing on one of my lights but first, need to know if it’s going to fit before buying one.
I need to know the measurements of it. The main problem I can see is that it may be to wide.

Thanks if anyone can help.

Hi Rat. 45mm wide by 91mm tall. Springs on top can compress to bring length down to 87mm. Unprotected cells don't increase width.

Best wishes on your project.

You’re a champion. Thanks looks like it will fit my Elektro Lumens ST90 Search & Rescue sweet happy days.


As usual , ImA4Wheelr was fast and precise ! Only one thing to add : The battery holder of the early model ( I don't know about 2017 models ...) has 2 Schottky diodes ( 10 Amps ) at the bottom , in order to be able to use 2 or 3 stacked together , for longer use...Even if the voltage drop on these are low (about 0.2-0.4 V , depending of current ) , I'll recommend to take them out and replace with 2 strips of copper soldered in place.., be careful at the thickness ,not to touch the negative of the battery !!! You will gain some more current and duration in regulated modes ...

Thanks for the tip. The light is a direct drive so this is good to know.