TK's Emisar D4V2 review

Dang it. I wish that raised bezel was available before I bought the flashing kit.

Also before I bought those dang washers and glue from amazon.

It all seems to be a product in process. We should be glad that you and others invest time and interest (and :money_mouth_face:
And that Hank listens and keeps improving on his creations.
Kind of a unique symbiosis, eh?

Just received my D4v2 in sand colour from, together with the flashing kit. This is a beautiful light, and I absolutely love the UI. It has some extremely clever and useful functions:

- muggle mode

- automatic and manual memory

- reset function

- ramp configuration

Best UI I experienced until now.

What I am missing somewhat is a real operation mode for the aux leds, for example:

- one click turn aux leds on or off

- two clicks switch to the next led colour or rainbow mode

- a long click (hold) ramps the aux led brightness up/down

  • ???

Obviously, with the flash kit waiting in the cupboard, I will have to take a look at the code, if that can be realized…

Sounds like it didn’t work out for you. Sorry to hear that, I had to double 2 washers up to get the needed protection but otherwise they are ok. Does the new switch bezel fit the old D4 also?

Yeah…me too. I also don’t want to reflash my light either, since I’d no doubt crash my computer in the process, lol and I’ve done it before!


I think he is talking about the raised switch bezel that Hank just announced.

In case you change your mind, we have pretty good instructions for flashing over here: Emisar D4V2 Flash Kit Instructions (Official How To)

I and others would be happy to assist if needed. You could even do it from an Android phone/tablet and leave the computer alone if you’re worried about it.

Any chance the light I ordered (To norway) a few days ago got that new ring?

I doubt it . The website gives you the option to choose the new ring or the old one.

Thanks for the offer and I have thought of paying somebody to flash it, but I don’t have kids and I generally keep my cells at 4.0 v, so it’s not an issue for me, at least.


The Muggle mode fix is not all that changed, though. ToyKeeper wrote that she also did some adjustments to improve thermal regulation.

Another good reason to update. ;-)

Is there already a new firmware with improved thermal regulation?

I remember ToyKeeper writing (after the D4V2 release) that she wasn't quite happy with the regulation and that she's still working on improving it.

Looking at I can't find any changes regarding regulation in the last couple releases so maybe I was wrong.

Hope she finds the time. My D4 goes slightly over 52 °C where it should stop at 50 °C, but that’s fine. Don’t think it is possible to always be on the mark without just switching the light off. I’m curious how well TKs regulator will work.

Just 4% deviation. Sounds almost perfect.

Already done, revision 418 , dated 2019-05-22 :+1:

I was referring to

"[...] I’m still hoping to make a thermal simulator so I can make bigger changes to the temperature regulation code and hopefully rewrite the whole thing. I’m still not happy with it [...]

Has anyone tried taking D4v2 guts and putting them in a D4 v1 head? I want the blue body I’ve got, but I asked Hank and he has no current plans for the “cyan” color in D4v2.

I’m finally sold to a D4V2, the last box was ticked (raised switch ring), ordered!
Thanks Hank for listening to us who keep their EDC loose in the pocket.

Is there a way to configure the max ramp of muggle mode? I received one of the post bug D4v2s but this annoyance seems unrelated. My muggle mode ramps too high. The ceiling is probably about 500-700 lumens and causes my D4v2 to feel burning hot in my hand when used in the highest brightness in muggle mode. Below is a photo of the highest muggle mode ramp of my D18 (left) vs the highest muggle mode ramp of my D4v2 (right)

Thermal regulation settings affect muggle mode. Set the max temperature to a lower setting. Default is 45C. I've got mine set to 40C.

How to (with video):