TK's Emisar D4V2 review

He is we!

What a cool light, maybe one day I will get it.
Thanks to the team that made this happen.

Have to try the Anduril system. Ordered !

TK, then what’s the 7135x1 level? Is that ramping level 65?

Yes. Max 7135 on a 150 step ramp is level 65.

It depends on the specific light, but yes, on this one, the 1x7135 level is 65/150.

These levels are typically determined by a combination of measurement, math, intuitive feel, and rounding. So it’s different per light and I’d generally recommend looking up the details from the source code when in doubt. It typically has the exact numbers and the command or formula used to calculate the ramp.

Thanks for the confirmation.

intl-outdoor has started shipping.


I also ordered on Day 1 and no shipping notice yet. :weary:

Login and check. He is bad about emailing.

Order placed June 20-
Emisar D4V2 high power LED flashlight
Color - Dark Grey
Led & Tint - Neutral White - XP-L HI V2 5D, 4000K
Please choose - one extra SS bezel (aluminum bezel by default)
Please choose - 18500 tube
Please choose - Magnet in the tailcap (No magnet in the tailcap by default)

Not shipped yet.
I already have a D4S with Nichia 219CT 90CRI, 5000K, and I like the light, but it gets real hot, crazy fast, so I decided to go with the Cree LED this time.

Why does he keep making 18500 battery tubes for hot rods? Where are you guys finding good 18500’s?

It crossed my mind that I could get one of those and put a 14500 in there, but then I thought, why bother just to reduce the length 15mm?

Received these washers and they fit around the D4 switch perfectly. The plain of the washer is even with the top of the switch rubber. Does not hinder operation of the switch but adds enough protection to stop accidental activations in your pocket. An added bonus is that it also works well on the FW3A and looks like it came stock . I use E6800 glue to attach mine. Does not harm the finish, holds well yet can be removed .

I will wait for the cu/ti version of the d4v2 but would much prefer cu/ti version of the d4s.

Would buy one of each of the luminus sst led tints

I just received my D4v2 today via DHL. I love it. Thank you, TK for the great work that you did to help make the D4v2 my new favorite.

Unfortunately, this light did not come with instructions, but fortunately, your excellent review, here, allowed me to figure out this light’s new features.

I am looking forward to your updated Anduril diagram.


Long wait for me. I ordered two D4v2 on 6/19.

I never received a shipping notice email, but checking on International Outdoors website I see that it is marked as shipped on 6/30.

I didn’t pay extra for expedited shipping though. So probably at least another 3 weeks before they arrive.


I like the copper-ti version of the D4v1, but personally, I find it a bit too heavy for pocket-EDC. When I try I can literally feel it in my pocket bouncing around against my leg. And one time the extra weight caused a pen to burrow through my pocket making a hole.

Think I’ll probably pass on a D4v2 Cu-Ti. Looking forward to the FW3T though. I think the smaller mass will make for a better pocket EDC. Hopefully not too heavy.

please share with us when u can! First arrival! Really curious about the aux LEDs. Lets get some interest going about this light!

I ordered my d4s two weeks ago and still have not received a tracking # even though it has been marked shipped

Kind of ruined my first experience ordering thru intl outdoor

May try ordering a d4v2 and another d4s thru mtn