TK's Emisar D4V2 review

Diffusing the beam can effect the tint a lot. If the filters do that it could be an unintended consequence.

My current D4 has a XP-G2 S4 3D, 4885K which is no longer offered. I really like it and was wondering what would be closest to it now from Emisar? 5000K is my preferred temperature.

Probably the XP-L HI 3A?

Thanks for all your work on this TK and Hank!

Just ordered my first Emisar (D4V2) after doing some research and am excited to have a true pocket rocket. My main EDC is a ZL SC600w MKIII which I've carried daily for a couple years now. I've been wanting another ramping EDC light that I could get the specific brightness for any given situation.

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Too bad the XP-G2 S4 3D, 4885K is no longer offered. It was perfect without the upgrade cost of XP-L HI. I assume the SST20-5000k is green at lower levels?

Good to see you can now adjust the thermal sensor to the correct ambient temperature.

My first D4 was spot on, but my other two showed 12-15 degrees above ambient.

I really like the upgrades to the ui and the light itself . Do i need another one? Absolutely - probably two!

need? want?

I think i need them so i cant afford copious amounts of alcohol. he he.

yo any good belt clip for the 18350 tube any coolones out there?


#include <mewantzshinyflashlight> //(basic library)

If (Emisar has Anduril){

me bought my firszt Emisar :p //(D4V2 that is.. )


The End..

hi everyone, I am going to purchase a emisar d4 v2 i just need some clarification and answers since i am a newbie
i just got my emisar d18 and it came with sst20 5k and i think its so pale for me since I am edcing a s1r baton ii

-which one should i opt sst20 6500k or xpl hi v3 1a 6500k ?
-also which one is better 18350 tube vs 18500 tube? does it have difference in runtime and output? and will i have to get another size battery? so if i would not want to use the normal tube that means i dont have to buy samsung 30q battery for the original tube right?
-also i emailed hank but hasnt got any reply yet. do they offer different shipping option(faster express shipping for a cost) as I got my d18 for almost a month and I want to order today so I can get it max 2 weeks since I am going overseas and i want to take it with me

thank you very much for everyones help. newbie here

regarding shipping, click on the shipping link on his website, you need to contact him for other available shipping options.

When you say pale, what do you mean exactly? Not often I come across someone who prefers 6500k :o

The SST20 will be a little “green” at at lower lumens, but should clean up at high. Maybe check out XPL HI 5000K - more of a straight “white” to me than most other emitters.

hi thanks for the reply. I can say pale comparing it to my olight s1r baton ii (not sure of the tint of it )
had always been in love with bluish tint of my lights including my motorcycle lights and car HID lights which was i think 10k tint.

Dear lord. Okay, yep, the Olight you have is 6500k, if you’re after that, then go for either SST20 or XPL HI in that temp.

thank you for your advice, i was just being dumb, when i was charging my olight i saw a writing on top that it says 70 cri 6500k. so my bad. :person_facepalming:

All good! These things happen :slight_smile:

Great way to keep the hobby alive. First go for cool white high output -> replace everything with neutral white -> get into cri and replace everything again -> go on a 4000k hcri quest -> repeat for 3000k.

Don’t ask how I know :person_facepalming:

Are you me ? :innocent: