Tmart HD2010 Group Buy - Come here and sign up for it please, this is the sign up thread - closed

Put me down for 1 and thanks OL for the GB.

Right now I will take 2 but may have to go to 3

I’m in for 1!


I do not have any protected cells, but I also assume it will, but without having any myself, I cannot swear to it. Others here should know for sure.

Yes, it will fit protected Panasonic NCR18650B as well as Trustfire and King Kong 26650s, Soshine protected 26650s and more…
I have a grey Tangsfire from Tmart.

Put me down for one !

I'll take ONE ! Hope it works decently stock as it will be a while before I can mod it..

That is a concern for me. After reading lots and lots about the East 092 driver, it seems like the mfg of it just slaps them together with no actual specifications to shoot for. That is something I see time after time from Chinese manufacturing, but I just wish it could change, since it's bad for us and bad for the sellers. We get upset and blame the sellers, but I sure would not want to have to check each light if I was a seller.

Hopefully there won't be that kind of a problem this time, but history repeats itself and the law of averages says someone will get a lemon for sure. I'm not that naive to think that there will be no problems.

I am in for my 1st HD2010!

I´m in for one.

Thank You OL for taking the time, research, and setting up this buy with TMart.

I have the Grey Tangsfire HD2010, and it has been a workhorse with no problems.

Very Nice Light !

Please put me down for one (1).

Thank You

I’ll probably be in for one too. Never owned an HD2010 although I’ve always wanted one. Also have 2 keeppower 26650s from e2field’s sale that are waiting to be used.

Will the coupon work for the nonbranded one before the tangsfire is sold out? Considering they are basically the same, I’d prefer no engravings.

I will probably be in for 1. Thanks OL!

I’m in for at least one…

I’m in for 1.
Thx for pulling this off, OL.

The unmarked one would be my first choice, too.
Yes, would be nice if the coupon would work for both, as skyrider suggested.

I'm in for one or two. Still haven't done an HD2010 although I've read tons about them, time for that to change!

1 for me.

Will take 1 :wink:
It would also be nice if they (Tmart) could provide only host (no driver, no emitter) for even lower price, that would suit me even better.

P.S. How much they asked for FandyFire?
Nice, you have about 40 pieces in just ~12-13 hours :slight_smile:


Sure, i'll take 1!

Im in for 2