Tmart HD2010 Group Buy - Come here and sign up for it please, this is the sign up thread - closed

The thread for the coupon codes and for any issues. Consider this thread closed.



Here's what we got. HD2010 from Tmart.

It will be the Tangsfire HD2010. IF they run out, then the rest will be the Ultrafire (No Name) HD2010.

EDIT: There will be a coupon code for both lights, so you can choose which to order.

All lights are in black.

All are stock lights, no options.

Price will be $21.99 USD + Free Shipping.

I will have a Coupon code on 03-23-2014. That's March 23rd. 2014

You just use the Coupon code with your order.

Just post if you are going to get one, so I can give some idea of how many, to Tmart.


Link to the Mod videos for the HD2010

I will get two or three, by doing it this way we can also use our Tmart points and get another $2.20 off.

Oh I’m up for one!

I’m in for 1!

hmm… don’t need another light, but HD2010 for this price? sign me up for 1 :smiley:

I’m in for 1 too…

5 pieces for this price!

Two for me!

I will take one too

i’ll take one as well! don’t have a HD2010 yet…

1 for sure, maybe a 2nd

Thanks OL, for much more than a GB but a GB with lessons/workshop. I just might be able to pull this off.

I am in for 1, don’t HD2010 yet. Thanks for the GB.

I assume this will hold protected Panasonic cells?

In for a piece. Nice price + pre-review, this is how you do GB. Thanks OL.

I’m in for 1!

I’m in for 2 pieces. Thanks for organizing :slight_smile:

I am in for one thanks

better make it two

Put me down for one.

Count me in for one- thanks

Thanks OL!