[Tmart] Q5 800LM Waterproof Flashlight Only $2.49 Save 45%

Hello everyone,
This time I recommend ZQ-G008 this super discount flashlight.

Now price:$4.49, Used coupon (Coupon Code:Q5YP) only need $2.49.
Ends at:2016-04-28 00:00:00

Hope you like it.

ZQ-G008 XPE-Q5 800LM 3 Modes Adjustable Waterproof Flashlight Torch Lamp Black

No one like, No one reply? So sad. :cry:

Does it use a genuine Cree emitter or a LatticeBright?

+1 Answer this question if you want to sell this light. I bought one just like this from eBay for $2.18 and there are plenty of them in the $2.50 and below price range. But, they have a cheap LED and junk driver. If yours has a real Cree emitter, it should be worth the extra couple dollars. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time with the coupon code, because that should be the ‘regular’ price.

Edit: never mind. I just followed the link. It’s not a Cree emitter. Move along guys, nothing to see here…

XP-E getting 800 lumens :laughing:

Well that’s because you are forgetting about the Chinese lumens conversion. The multiplier is 0.13 (or 0.09 for LatticeBright LEDs).