Tmart Waterproof Lotus Head LED Flashlight Suit Promotions

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2000lm 3 Mode Waterproof Lotus Head LED Flashlight Suit Gray

Who makes the LED?
Does it also have a tail cap switch?
Does it have two mode groups?

At I have a light that looks exactly the same only mine has another brand on it and I bought it without the extras.

There is a small metal ball underneath the zooming ring so it clicks while zooming. Mine did not focus correctly so I needed to remove the ball.

The zooming reveals the lotus bezel and in mine this is knife sharp.

Cooling is poor no way to mod it.

Just the rubber side switch.

The rubber of the charging port has tendency to slip out of the light.
Since it was so cheap I did not test the charging function

Came with LB led in blue tint.

Needless to say it is at the back of the flashlight cupboard and never gets used.
But seeing it now I might just mod a UV emitter in there that I have to use it for the planned UV light review

q5 manufacturers, yes, it has a tail cap switch, and has three mode groups.