To all citizens of the USA

Having just returned from my first visit to the USA - most of what I thought I knew about the US was wrong.

Everyone I met couldn't have been more helpful. I didn't expect to like it - but I did.

So every US citizen here - pat yourselves on the back - everyone I met, and I mean everyone (And that includes all the TSA employees I met!) - was incredibly nice and helpful way beyond what I'd have had any reason to expect.

That includes the guard who went out of his way to get me to where I was staying at 3am - and chatting to me at 4am when i couldn't sleep - and at 5am, and at 6am. Me I'd have been less than impressed with some random visitor arriving 6 hours late.

Every American I met was great!

So really do pat all of yourselves on the back - from my experience each and every one of you deserves it!

Glad you enjoyed your visit! Where were you? Deep South I hope? Laughing

Okay.. that's as close as I can get, haha. I think most people here genuinely want to help when they feel the person they're helping is grateful and accepting. I know I get a really good feeling when I help someone and get a positive reaction. Just holding the door open for someone and getting a "thank you" with a smile is rewarding. Just imagine if we all felt that way :)

I hear about places around the world where something like holding the door open for someone is non-existent and that would be strange to me.

Welcome back Don!

Im glad you enjoyed our hospitality and I get that reaction a lot.

Now onto more important matters... have you bought any new flashlights lately?

I remember you saying that you were coming to the states awhile back where were you if you dont mind me asking. And what light did you bring as your edc lol. And those cells you sent me are still going strong in my X0, way better then using two cr123's.

Quite a long way north actually - Pittsburgh PA. Next time I'm in the US I hope to see lot more of it - this last visit I worked and slept. My father's aunt moved to South (?North) Carolina with Arthur Andersen in 1915. She died when I was 9 months old though.

My first ever earthquake happened while I was in Pittsaburgh. And I didn't even notice it! I was in a seminar at the time and you can estimate how well prepared (or engaged) I was by the fact that I missed an earthquake!

Glad to hear the cells are still working - they came from an early 90's Toshiba laptop.

I was at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary -

I'd have loved to head over to Virginia Beach but couldn't afford the time (or the money). I'll be back in Pittsburgh in Jan 2013 so be prepared for a visitor.

Can do that and did i mention that the wife and i are awesome cooks.

I'l be there! And i can eat more than most people!

Good to see you back here!

See, you were one of the luck ones who avoided New Jersey, New York City, and Massachusetts.

Arrived at JFK. Was NY the last time I looked.

Spent 6hr there as a rainstorm prevented flying anywhere else.

Delta staff couldn't have been better.

JF Terminal 2 needs demolition but that couldn't be blamed on the staff there.

Delta's management needs shooting, but everyone I dealt with could't have been better.

I was seriously impressed.

Ordinary Americans are wonderful! Pity about those who manage them....

And just don't ask about my politics.

America came as a wonderful surprise.

Which was an enormous surprise to me.

I've found that people are friendly the world over. It's when the contact is impersonal that sometimes it's otherwise.

Glad to see you had a good experience and I agree it's good to see alfreddejo back. I remember him as being particularly friendly when I first joined. I wasn't around for a while and when I came back I didn't see him around.

It's nice to be back here, so much to read on your postings sir that you have me tired eyed most of the night lol......and when i say we can cook we do a whole feast lol, so who believes in portions. Oh and you have not told us which light you brought as your edc coming to the states.

Glad you enjoyed your trip and welcome back.

Please don't call me sir! Really don't! I am no better than anyone else - (Welcome to Scottish egalitarianism!)

That is a personal thing. Call me Don - or @$%head, or whatever - just don't call me Sir!

Last person I called Sir was pointing a Browning High Power at my face. And had already shot the guard with it.

My lights were an XTar WK-20 and a Fenix E01. Unfortunately the power only went out for 30 seconds and that was in daytime... The Fenix did all the illuminating I needed. But the Xtar is a really, really nice light.

Cool might need to find your postings on the WK-20.......and read up on it.

Welcome back! Its great to see you here again! Being a Canadian, I must say most of my trips to the USA are also filled with friendly people. There is always the occasional a-hole but that goes for anywhere, not just the US:)

Speaking from experience, that goes for Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Angola, Zaire, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, France, Holland, Germany and the UK too.

Welcome back Don! We missed you around here! BLF almost fell apart without you because of all the drama. LOL

Glad you're back home safe.

If you want to see the Appalachian Mtns, look me up. I live in east TN.