Today Only, Ebay/Tigerdirect AA Alkaline $7.99 32 count

Thought I would share this:

I saw that. That’s a great price for alkaline users or someone who doesn’t get them for free from work.

In my opinion, most people who would consider buying a 32 pack of alkalines and actually use them before they leak, might as well use rechargeables...

The place I work for could go through 50 or more in a busy week. But that’s not most places/people. Then there’s an aversion that most A/V people have to putting anything with “NIMH” stamped on the side into a wireless mic that has to run all day.

When we go camping mrs jakey buys a pack of 36 cheapo alkaleaks ,for the massive sum of£2.50,the kids always leave lights on.They usually last a couple of trips.I have plenty of rechargeables,i just find it easier to use them then dispose of them ,in the recycle point,plus no nimh chgrs to take ,more room for 18650 light gear.

“Friends don’t let Friends buy Alkalines” H)