tonight i decided to get somewhat creative ...Oops ..bad idea .!

I decided to grind down the bezel on the YEZEL Z-1 ,,,not a brilliant idea .. I'm laughing at myself because I heated that sucker up while using the side of the grinding wheel and when I was almost finished I'd heated it up enough that I squeezed it out of round with the channel locks .. it just warped while i was looking at it , just by holding tension on it ..i sufficiently screwed it up enough not to be able to get it to thread back on again I kept bending it in the vise again and again looking for what appeared to be a circle again and got it to seemingly start to thread again .. this time I thought OK forget the channel lock wrench and just use the flashlight and finish grinding it and heat it up right on the light ...yep heated it back up .... grabbed it with the pliers and bang ..i got it hot enough to flex and rethreaded it back on and tightened it back up ..Whew that was close ..When you grind off the parts that stick up there's really not that much metal left ..that was pretty obvious at the onset .. when it was hot it showed it's weakness pretty quickly ..if you want to grind on this bezel do it on the light and go easy.there isn't that much material to work with in the first place ...I really wondered why i was even doing it ..

in the photo's it looks sharper than it really is ..looking back i wouldn't do it again I'd just leave it alone ...but sometimes you just get a little nuts and need to go break something fix something .

At this point it's like 90% done and the rest will be done with either a little file or sandpaper ..Slow and steady wins this race .. it it comes out sexy i'll post photo's .. right now Im just glad to have the bezel intact and back on ..

That sucker bent right as i was inspecting it ..i went from curiously interested ....freaked out in about a nanosecond

upload some photos lol

Thanks for saving me in the near future as i would have attempted it they way you did.

Lol, looking at photos, those weren't all that big to start off with. I do like mild crenelations, and they look pretty mild to me.. But thats just personal opinion. If I had something needing fixing, I too would probably have had a go by now. 5 mins ago I just stripped the threads on the "titanium" screws for my overpriced clip for the D10. It was tight, but I wanted it a little tighter. Before this I just tried to make the magnetic ring on my V10R more controlled, but ended up putting holes in it, and in the end doing nothing but making it even rougher to control...

The uncontrollable desire to make things better inevitably creates more work, and the wish for a real life (Cmd/Ctrl) + (Z)

Pictures needed!! haha, It cant possibly be worse than admin photos.... If not it should at least be a reminder as to why we should not use brute force to abuse the weak into submission...

I hope you still have all 10 fingers.

It is times like these I am happy I am a machinist with full access to a massive machine shop...including a fair share of lathes :) However, I decided not to machine the bezel smooth on my Z1 because the dang thing wont even stay threaded on. Its stripped and useless. Cnqualitygoods told me they were shipping me another bezel, so we shall see if that ever arrives and if it will even work.

Glad you got it back on though! That wouldn't be a fun situation :S

I know that feeling...some years ago when I got the dremel tried to 'enhance' the polishing of some man , took me two or three years to figure out how to fix the mess I did, at the end it was for the better since I learned a lot in the process

Ok here's a photo .. i tried to do a macro .. this isn't my camera ..I don't like it .. the bezel is about 93% done ..For it to be perfect it would have to come off ain't commin off ..

I remember being in someones shop at night with my friend .. we were putting in air line drops for machines , and or power dropped in from the ceiling (water lines)??..Unbelievably sexy cool cad cam million dollar machines.. These guys made some part for the space shuttle .. duffass...(Me) was enthralled with the sand blaster and was busy cleaning every tool in his tool belt .. That's right dummy .. go play in the sandbox ...My brother asked for a bridgeport milling machine every year for christmas as a kid , and 40 years later my mother asked him .."What the hell is a bridgeport milling machine ?"

One thing we learned about tools was ..If dad had one in his hand and was heading towards anything that could be seriously screwed up .. intercept him at all costs ..My brothers philosophy "if it calls for a 2x4 and 4 nails a 2x6 and 12 screws works better " My dads...If it needs a 2x4 and 4 nails .. a paint stirrer , caulk and 3 screws to make sure the stirrer splits..."that's what the caulk is for .and then cover it with plastic coated copy-cat duct tape to hide the mess ,,, or support ???

It dosn't look bad at all :)

You can see that it;s been tweeked and isn't entirely round ..of course I'm looking for it too. there are also tiny bite marks that need sanded down by hand with the bezel off to make it 96% I just couldn't force myself to unscrew it aagin ..My guess is it's done for a while at 90%..

As far as the overall look ....I like it better than the way it was .It thickened the lip and is a little more polished and classy in appearance ,Like i said if the name wore off tommarrow I'd be happy as can be ,and dump the green tailcap for black .the little gitd o ring under the front bezel doesn't bother me because it really isn't visible and when lit it's rather dim which works for me.

i'm curious what the xml is like since all these lights are very dang bright .