too good to be true XANES 3320 P50 XHP50 1800lm Flashlightwith 26650b attery

for 11$
flashlight with
XHP50 (I bet it has no boost driver and some cheap 3V LED)
26650 battery included
USB rechargebale

Link does not work for me… Weird……….

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When I get package I’ll compare to Astrolux EC01 and FT03

check that mini review [4K Review] XANES 3320 - 1800 lumens - bloody stained camo
no disassembly thought.

non CREE led.
weak thermal conductivity from led to the body
stupid UI :slight_smile:

I do like how a flashlight with fake blood spatters is called “Camouflage”. Perhaps they meant “Really, Really Urban Camouflage” or “Zombie Apocalypse Camouflage”.

XANES 3320 P50 XHP50 1800lm Flashlight with 26650 battery got to uk damaged by the time it got to yodel then they lost it ,amazing lol

same with me

Wir konnten diese Seite nicht finden.

So one of the options has random red sploges of paint which apparently make it camouflage.

Someone in the factory knocked a tin of red paint over apparently…… :stuck_out_tongue:

Factory mistakes are a time honored way to create new products… though I somehow doubt this one will rank up there with floating soap, vulcanized rubber or the microwave oven.

Did anyone receive their XANES 3320 and have a hands on review yet? I bought one and I really like it. It puts out a large flood pattern which I find to be very useful instead of a tight beam. You have to cycle through the 5 light modes each time you use it in order to turn it off, or you can keep the button pressed for a few seconds to turn it off. I wish it had zoom and the button is tough to find when wearing gloves, but for a $10 flashlight with battery and built in charger, it is a nice budget entry into the super bright flashlight world.

I received mine today. I didn’t get that great of a deal at $16.86 delivered. I know others got one for around $11-$12 a while back, but I wanted one for an upcoming birthday gift.

Comes in a cheapo white generic flimsy box. I am keeping the price point in mind.

With the included 26650 battery inside, the torch has a good solid and hefty feel to it. Feels really good in hand.

The threads are not greased and don’t sound so good when unscrewing the tail cap or head unit. I added a good amount of Super Lube, and that helped not only with the teeth grinding sound, but also with helping the threads to line up properly to screw the cap and head unit back on.

The beam looks good in a dark room. I will take it outside tonight for a better look at it.

The rubber flap for the on-board charging feels decently tight, like it won’t pop out easily.

The clicky power/mode button feels alright. Other than being hard to find by feel, it feels good to use.

The spring in the head of the unit is not centered, it is clearly off to one side, but I have not had any issues with it making contact with the flat top battery.

The body of the torch is nicely made. It is smooth allover, no sharp edges, no quality issues. The red splattered pattern looks cool to me, and nicely done. Called camouflage, maybe in some rough part of town plagued red splatter.

Tail stands solidly, once the little key ring looking thing is removed, comes attached from the factory. I removed it immediately.

Glass lens is nice, doesn’t appear to me that it is anti-reflective coated. But then again, the price…

The UI. Always comes on the high level, no memory. Has SOS as part of the five modes which I see no use for it. Three second press to turn light off, or go through the modes. This is my biggest complaint with the Xanes 3320.

It’s a good torch for the price. Overall I like the way it feels in hand. I like the way it looks. I am nor embarrassed to give this to a good friends son as a gift. I charged the battery it came with, so my friends son can start to use it right away.

I ordered a UNpaint splattered model last week. We’ll see.

Also have a Xanes XT01.
Little stainlass 3 mode. 350lum on high. Nice beam.
Very neat/tidy, Clean cut. 18350 cell SLOOOOOW on. and OFF but apart from that.
a very nice little SOLID (I hate flimsy lightweight crap.) torch for $14 AUD.

Good little duster in your fist too.

Went for a nice walk around the neighborhood last night with the Xanes 3320.

The beam. Well, it starts off good with a nice cool hot spot, and good amount of cool white flood. It is pretty bright, too. But, there is an ugly outer ring that I don’t like.

As a flashaholic, I wouldn’t use this every night for my walks, because that outer ring bugs me. I like the look and feel of the torch itself, so I can look past the UI for the price point, but not the ring-around-the-rosy. Yes, it’s unsightly like a rash, though not red.

My 3320 didn’t come with grease on the threads, so if you buy one to give as a gift, I would grease them so it doesn’t feel and sound cheaply made.

Only $115.99 on Walmart’s web site