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Greetings all…

I stumbled across this site a couple of months back while searching for some lights for my hunting obsession. The first couple of times I was here I just took notes of different light and reviews. After coming back numerous time found some of you are really fanatical about lights. At first I thought it was weird if not laughable…and then it happened. I purcheased a couple of lights and now I find I am already thinking about the next ones I should get…I cure you all!!! >)

One thing that is clear to me so far is that there are so many here willing to help the neophites (that’s me). P60 this, mod that, tail cap voltage…YIKES!!!

I look forward to learning from you all and (now) appreciate your quest for MORE LIGHTS!

I do have a question that I have tried to research within the forum but am limited in understanding.

I purchased a Uniquefire T6 Cree XML that has 5 mode switch. I absolutely hate the swithch and wish it was a single hi mode (night hunting). When I was searching for solutions the remedies included a whole bunch of greek words like drivers, emitters, T60 yady yada yada…I do not know where to start in trying to locate a different single mode dohicky for the light. Is there an area here that gives a good beginners tutorial on the moneclature of flashlights and a down and dirty description to how they work?

Thanks everyone!!!

Hey scaru, this could be your next article. ;)

What you want is the driver.. but whats the matter with the 5 modes? You dont want/need them or does something not work properly..?

Unless you want to drop ungodly amounts of money on expensivs lights… Find a good Mod man… That way they can make you crazy bright lights. They can actually save you money by installing things you have no clue about. Like a ramping driver… These are awesome at saving you money. The light gets brighter & goes out. You look into the lens at the soft glow of moonlight mode. Just as the ramping driver kicks into emergency strobe alpha class star mode. You wont need any light for a few days. You wont be able to see it anyway…

One place to read up on is Wikipedia, just under flashlight. And then somewhere (someone will remember before I do) there is (more than one) another really good site that has more information about batteries, CRI, LED’s and more… hmn, that wasn’t as helpful as I intended it to be.

And just ask questions (and snoop around any/all of the hundreds and hundreds of threads here on BLF) as well, the knowledge base here is incredible. Have fun and hold on to your CC!

Speaking from experience here Dale? :bigsmile:

To the op, briefly

Led =emitter = bit that puts out light.

Driver = link between led and battery, limits current to led, gives you brightness levels if you need/want them.

Pill, mounts led on one side, driver on other, conducts heat created by led/driver to flashlight body (host).

Cell = power source, this is a subject that can cover a whole topic on its own. Basically you have primaries (aaa,AA,c,d,cr123 etc) basically store bought cells. Lithium ion cells (this name covers many chemestry’s), but basically covers single cells with a voltage from 3v - 4.2v and lifepo4 cells (ignore these for now).

Host = flashlight body.

Clicky/clickie = on/off switch. Available as forward (turns light on momentary, then latches to keep light on, very very very annoying with a light with modes) clicky or reverse (switch must be clicked before you get light, then half presses select modes) clicky. Ignore electronic switches for now.

Ok. What you want is a driver that limits your current, but which has no microprocessor to give you modes.

Like this one, we can get into specifics when we get to stripping the light to determine what size driver you have, it may also ne possible to short out the modes on your existing driver, again, we will know more when you can show us pictures of what you have.

Hope this helps as a starter. But if not, try this…

Have you browsed around on the Flashlight Wiki?

It has a lot of info and definitions you may find helpful.

As I thought you guys are all over helping me out…I will do some more research and take that light apart and snap some photos…thanks again all

Speaking from experience here Dale? :bigsmile:


LOL, I’ve done that myself, big purple spot in vision for AGES afterwards, then there’s my two year old, who upon getting hold of any light, turns it to max then randomly shines it all over the shop……. I thinking of making welding glasses standard equipment at home. 8)

Ok, I’m embarassed… I do the same thing your two year old does. Mrs D has asked if she should wear her sunglasses inside.

EDIT… Might not be a bad idea now that I have the Elektrolumens up & running.

I was showing my King (clone) to someone and before I could warn him, he looked directly into the LEDs and hit the power... :~

Blinded by the light.. *sing* :D


Others have mentioned the wiki, that's a very good resource.

Here's another ......

If you would like to witness a Master Craftsman, check out "OLD Lumens" videos.

While there are other Craftsman on the board, Old Lumens has produced many educational videos. They will help you understand the mod process. What I like about them, He will tell you "What's the mod consist of and What are the expected changes/improvement, any pitfalls, and then makes it look easy" (I know they wouldn't be "easy" for me) Check Them OUT

I’ve had arc eye many times while messing around with LED’s lol