Took my lights with me on vacation

Hey folks,

Last couple of days I was on vacation with the family.
We where staying on a camping in the north of the Netherlands, it has nice wooded area with some nice open fields and heath.
And it get pretty dark out there at night. :bigsmile:

So, obviously I brought some of my lights with me.
The Convoy L2 with a XM-L2 1A and stock 3A driver.

The Convoy C8 with a XP-L HI and MTN 17DDm driver, using a sanyo 18650GA battery (when fresh of the charger it did aprox. 5.5A for a couple of seconds, after that it settled around 4.5A)
(left one)
The Convoy C8, older version with pill and shinier anodizing, with a normal XM-L2 and, I believe, a qlite driver modded to 4A (though tail measurements are little lower). (right one)

I also had the BLF-348 with nicha 219C with me.

First off all, the BLF-348 is really an awesome light. I used it with a normal AAA battery and it was bright enough. Has a very nice tint, I really like it!

Now the L2, I dont know where to start… :bigsmile:
It throws great, nice output while stock, can not wait for the new version with XP-L HI.
Since you can easily walk for and hour or more trough these woods I really like that it uses a 26650, it gives you not only more runtime but it also feels good in my hands. The new one will have an extension/2 cell tube so handling and runtime will only be better. :love:

After handling the L2 the C8’s feel small, it can easily be carried in a coat pocket, or just dangling on the lanyard.
Though it is small it still has some power in it! The C8 with the XP-L Hi will not out throw the L2 but it does have a higher output. (that’s obvious, it has a fet driver in it…)

Alright, here are the beamshots.
I’m not a pro photographer nor do I have professional equipment. Also these shots are my first outdoor beamshots.
I used a Olympus styles sh-1 with auto setting.

Convoy L2:

Convoy C8 with XP-L HI and fet driver:

Convoy C8 XM-L2:

The convoy C8 with XP-L HI does look close to the L2 but that’s because the output is just higher and because the camera will auto adjust settings each shot. This was the second picture I took, the first one was a little ‘to much’ (
You can also see the difference between the XM-L2 and the XP-L HI C8.

Also took a picture of the BLF-348 beam, it looks much better in real life 0:):

Is there such thing as too much :bigsmile:

Looking good Thijs!

Nice pics! I really like the look of that L2 and the tight, throwy beam. A quick search on Google led me to a couple sellers, but the L2 wasn’t available- any tips on where to find one?

@The Miller, your right :D. Though I mean it almost blurred out the camera, so it wasn’t a fair comparison.

@Badger4715, that’s right. This particular L2 was part of a first revision, Simon (owner of convoy) is making another and updated batch L2’s. (more info: Convoy L2...Guess who's back???)
Banggood still has some left, search for ‘convoy L2’. They even have the L2 with XP-L HI. (even more throw and a tighter beam!)

Sweet! Thanks!

Was at a friend tonight, he bought a fenix pd30. It’s a great little light that he will be using for work.
Then I thought, the moments when I use my lights can be count on one hand.
I mean, only in the winter period its dark enough in the evening to use my lights while walking with the dog. Other moment is when I’m on vacation as mentioned in the first post.
But I still keep buying flashlights.
Of course I’ve some edc lights that get more use but that is a small part of the lights that I have.

Sure I can use the bigger ones when the zombies are coming but don’t think that that will happen soon.

A member once said, 1 = none and 2 = 1 :bigsmile: