Took The TN31 And TK75 On A Little 1:00 AM Roadtrip Early This morning

Had to get a soda and some chips, so I took these 2 lights with me. After my stop at Rhodes, I stopped at the huge construction field next to Rhodes that has a treeline at the very long end of it. Both these lights hit the treeline no problem with the TN31 at 115,000 lux really impressing the hell out of me. Both were simply amazing on how they throw. But the beam and the spill on the TK75 is just something to see in person. After owning these 2 great performers it makes a lot of my other lights seem weak and obsolete. I wished I would have brought my camera along. Both are simply awesome.

Hey brad, do you know, not an hour ago I was wondering where you’d got too, now here you are :beer: good to hear you cam still find lights that can impress the heck outta you. 8)

Don’t think that is quite fair, even w your admission of no camera - you must return at some point and give us some beamshots.

And maybe throw in a third light, just by comparison.

Well this place is right off the highway. And I sometimes worry if a sheriff or highway patrolman might not pay me a little visit. LOL!

I’m still here guys. Starting to get back into my gun buying. So lights will slow down some.

Great lights indeed!

Which TN31 you’ve got? The new XM-L2 or the other?

I have 2 of the original TN31 XM-L U2. The 2nd one I bought is 115,000 lux according to masha_1 on here. It’s definately brighter than my first one. I love both of them. Heck I love the L3 K40, too.

ive been questioned by police twice recently… both wanted to know where they could get one of the flashlights i was using!

i think that the police would love the catapult :slight_smile:

I hear ya. That may be all that would be said. But I do understand why they would investigate somoene shining a a flashlight on a construction site.

I’m digging the Catapult V3 with xml2, it’s built like a tank and throws great for its bezel size.

I agree with you there.

But for that kind of money a guy would be mileage ahead to just buy the TN31 XM-L2 U2 and have even more throw.

Love the V3 Catapult…. Thrunite sent me one earlier this week. My cost? A review of it for them… :wink:

i need to start messaging some of these vendors

just do sime reveiws on different sites,… They come to you

maybe if i change my avatar to something…. a bit more ‘attractive’ like yours i will catch some eyes ;p

+1 LOL Anything is possible

sorry brad - i hi-jacked your thread :frowning:

believe it or not i have never owned a fenix before… the tk75 interests me but its just a little too big

You didn’t hi-jack anything. Heck I’m used to these threads running off course. LOL! I have done it myself.

hey ilf, do you remember if the tk75 has more flood than the tk70? i know you only had the tk70 for a short while but im just curious….