Tool Ti AAA

BLF ReyLight Tool Ti. “(Click to see original thread)”:
MSRP is $79 Now 45$ 20pcs available, no custom logo, a few of them come with ReyLight engraving plus Lumintop bunny.
219B, 1-20-100% mode spacing

Sent Payment for one BLF ReyLight Triple Ti with a green Trit in the tail cap and 4 green trits in the top part, if possible arranged so they’re opposite each other.

Payment sent. Thanks you.

I am not sure, but I think you have to prepare it as yourself.

It is just the host or light with driver and Nichia ?

Regards Xandre

It’s complete light, I will glue the trits.

Thanks Rey !

Regards Xandre

Does the Triple Ti includes the 18650 extension tube?

Yes. included.

I will take a tool ti nichia. Engraved. Thank you. Paid via PayPal.

Sent payment for one Triple Ti with a blue trit in tailcap

$75 includes the 18650 or any trits?

In the original thread it shows: Option 1 - $89 = Light + 18650 extension tube + Ti clip
so I believe this to be the one for $75

It mentions trits are $6 ea. ($75 + $6 for each trit up to 10). I don’t think it comes with a battery. It does come with the tube though for an 18650.
The clip is only included for the first 10 people. I want one of these but with the trits it pushes it to more than I want to spend right now :frowning: (and I don’t want to add them later)

You and me both!

there is no battery and trit.
75$= complete light+ extension

I have some clips, 20+pcs. But only about 10 of them are in good contion, some of them have a little scratch during the transport.
It is free as well, for the later orders.

I would like to get one of the ti tools, do I need to pm or email you or is posting here enough? Can paypal when I find out…

PM sent.

I would like two more tool ti. If still available I can send funds via PayPal.

Still available, paypal is

Please send it as gift and pm me your shipping address. Thanks.