Tool to Unlock the Pill....

Want to install my triple spacer and pill. Can’t seem to unscrew the driver ring. Doesn’t seem soldered or glued but can’t seem to unscrew the driver ring. Tweezers are too weak and snap ring pliers are a bit too big to fit the groove. Any advice??

I’ve been using my $2 needle nose pliers from Harbor Freight for years to remove and tighten retainer rings. I filed the ends a little to better fit into the ring divots:

I’ve had to use a lens spanner on every one of my LT FWXs.

Some helpful tools can be found here.

If you choose a spanner, select one with thin narrow flat tips.

Hope this helps.

I’ve used the silver part of a binder clip for my FWXX lights. Works perfect.

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just ordered a lens ring tool. thanks for the tip!!!

Curved forceps work too.