Tooth extraction

So on Monday I had a tooth extracted.

They used a hammer-like device to pound my teeth/jaws/gums.

It didn't take very long, maybe an hour for everything, but it was very intense.

Now I can't eat spicy food for a while (I love spicy food) and I have to chew on one half of my mouth.

I get headaches and annoying facial pain.

I can't accomplish very much, and I sleep even more than I used to.

Also I'm grumpy.

Moral of the story:

Take good care of your teeth.

Don't neglect them for years like I did.

I've had a lot of dentistry work done, but the tooth extraction has been the worst by far.

Oral surgery sucks!

Actually it’s the injection of the anaesthesia that is excruciating…once it takes effect the extraction is painless…at least that’s how it’s done here in my place.

The extraction was painless, though very intense, and I'm used to anesthesia injections.

I'm not used to days of pain after the operation.

EDIT: And I'm not used to the hammer.

That was a shock.

Remember to put a lot of ice against it to control the swelling. :slight_smile:

Good advice.

Hope you feel better soon. Never heard that dentists use a mini Jack hammer before. I had a root canal done a few years ago. It was a walk in the park compared to what described having done.

I hope you’re starting to feel better raccoon city. I’ve had five teeth extracted and my top tip is to follow the recommendations for reducing the risk of dry socket (a.k.a. alveolar osteitis): no sucking, no spitting, no smoking, and no hot drinks for the first few days.

I had a local dentist extract one of my teeth and he almost ruined my next and jaw. Some dentists are downright scary. I learned from a friend to pay 50% more if it is a big rear tooth and get a skilled dentist/surgeon to cut it in 4 pieces and pull it out with no pain at all anywhere. I did it next time and it was like a miracle. I will never go back to my local dentist for anything.

I had tooth #5 extracted at Loma Linda University.

(That's where I get all my dentistry done.)

It's a dentistry teaching school.

The care is very good, and relatively inexpensive, but it takes forever to accomplish anything.

Two years ago they extracted one “wisdom tooth” (third molar) out of my mouth. I can really feel with you raccoon city. It’s far more displeasing afterwards than during the actual extraction. They told me that my mandibular nerve was located extremely close to the tooth that needed to be extracted. Eventually, I had to sign a form for not sueing them if all my left-faced muscles incl. left side of the tongue became numb indefinitely in case they hit the nerve. They made an expensive 3D x-ray image of my jaw to minimize any risks. Fortunately, it all worked out.

I almost posted something rude in the "Happy Independence Day America! :D" thread.

The only thing that stopped me was that fact that I knew people would mark it as rude, and I wasn't shooting for that.

Can I blame my dental situation on this act of stupidity?

Well, I would be indulgent as I understand what it feels like to be in such bad pains. I’m tempted to ask what you wanted to post but I guess that’s not a good idea, either. :wink:

No, not a good idea.

Instead of posting something rude, I sent Mr. Admin a PM and voiced my concern over what I was upset over.

It's all good now.

I feel with you, i’ve had sinus lift surgery, not funny as well, but the result is fantastic.
Good recovery raccoon !

Oral sucks in general lol pun intended

Get well soon!

I had my 2nd last tooth out when i was younger it cracked in half and i had to wait days to get surgery that pain was worse then the procedure i think. Plus being young and dumb i downed a whole pack of painkillers in a few hours the ones with codeine almost like OD lol.

Wishing you a good recovery raccoon.

I had a bad experience when I was 16 years old.
I had an absces on a tooth and spent a sleepless night in agony. Went to the dentist first thing in the morning, and in those days they just yanked the tooth out. He gave me an anesthetic injection but it didn’t work because of the infection. So he gave me some antibiotics and told me to come back late afternoon after school to have the tooth pulled.
When I went back, the anesthetic still didn’t work, so he said “doesn’t matter - I’ll pull the tooth out anyway”
(I think he had a night time job at the abbatoir…)
I could feel everything he did and as he tried to pull the tooth, it broke off at the gum.
He started poking into the root with steel spikes and long nosed pliers. I was screaming and covered in sweat and blood at that stage.
He threatened me and said if I didn’t cooperate he would have to put me into hospital. I had never been in hospital and was a bit scared what might happen. Anyway after a long ordeal, breaking up the root with spikes and pliers he got the last chips of tooth out.
I didn’t go to a dentist for 10 years after that.

This seems appropriate, best scene Steve Martin ever did!

Zulumoose - that was my dentist - I recognize him!!!

I have only had Two wisdom teeth extracted. They were not infected so it went smoothly,just needed to be removed because they were affecting my other teeth.

I have also had a few root canals…some were a bit painful…….not the procedure but having my mouth open[sore jaw muscles] for several hours. Had Two done in one shot!



Bunch of wimps :smiley:
Submandibular gland extraction is where the pain is at, well, except under my left side jaw which is still numb six years later…