top three brightest and best zoomie available

i just ordered my first zoomie and im hooked! it automatically became one of my favorite lights. well, i mean top 5 favorite haha. anyways, for those of you that dont have a zoomie yet. i suggest you buy one just to try it out….you may like it just as much as me, besides, their dirt cheap.
this is the one i bought ….it was recommended to me by a member here: ubehebe…

so now my question for all you guys that knows zoomies……can you tell me which is the brighest and baddest zoomie out there? i dont mind the size and number of cells. i just want a super bright zoomie… looking more for flood than throw


My personal favorite is the trustfire z8. It ships from the US if your order from tmart. :)

I’ve been wanting to try this

that one from int outdoors looks very nice, but i doubt it is one of the brightest. the z8 is cool, but i dont think that is the brightest also from reading reviews.

there has to be a 2x18650 or maybe a 3x18650 zoomie that should blow these away.

anybody have this one?

now that there might be a contender…anything else?

I want a 5 xml zoomie!

are there any multi emitter zoomies?

1000 lumens is the most you can expect from a single xm-l light, i’d be shocked to see multi xm-l zoomies, not to say it can’t be done, but i have yet to see it

1800 lumens…

A multi LED zoomie is only posible with multiple aspheric lenses… each lens for each LED.

it says its a single xm-l, they are exaggerating the lumen output

Small Sun ZY-C10. ;)


holy cow!!! i just watched the video….dude, i gotta have that light. looks amazing.
that is just too sick. the flood is insane!!! im surprised i havent heard much talk about that light here…hmmm…must be expensive then.

anyone own that light? do you guys think that will outthrow a tk70…probably not huh?
but that light should have more flood than the thrunite tn31 and king right?

The one in the video is the X21.
The newer model is the X21R, according to factory specs is 500 lumens stronger.

There is a thrower you can buy from the UK, that goes around 800 metres (legit), however it is throw only, not adjustment. Amazing beam of light. I’ll need to look it up, it’s in a thread here somewhere……. Cost is about $150 though- pricy……

man, that thing is amazing. is there a chinese knock off version? LoL

...and video even more. The light on that video is X21 (not R) and it's really (only) around 1000 lumens. X21R should be somewhat better, but very pricey.

There is (was?) a Chinese knock off: M-Flare Rebel 90 It's also about 7-emitter 1000 lumens and "Flood to throw", but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I own two of them and am willing to sell if anyone is interested.. ;)

I'm also sure that TK70 or even TR-J12 will out throw them both.

Does anyone have one of those 3 emitter p60 dropins and a dereelight dbs with the aspheric? If you do, please take a beamshot using them both please! I’m just curious 0:)